Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Don't give up because of one setback

Hey guys! I am finally back to posting after having a little break for freshers week and settling into university. My posts should be back to their usual structure. You can see my post about my freshers week over on my lifestyle blog here. I am currently absolutely dying from freshers flu which is a bit annoying as my lectures start soon! Nevertheless, today's little thought is about carrying on when something goes wrong.

I often talk about not giving up on my little thought tuesdays because it is something that I think is really important. However it is difficult to carry on after a setback. I really love this quote...

It seems so silly when we think about it yet its so easy to do so. Every time I have some chocolate I always feel like "Oh well I'll start eating better tomorrow or next week" which makes no sense and I think its the same in lots of situations. I feel like giving up completely because I have had one setback. It's so easy to just give everything up because one thing has gone wrong.

Why do our minds automatically jump to the worst conclusions? One setback such as eating some chocolate or one awkward encounter or bad grade should not affect the rest of our goals, or even the rest of the day. Just because you got a bad grade in one subject doesn't mean you should give up on that or the rest of your subjects, just as eating some chocolate doesn't mean you can't eat healthily for the rest of the day.

You don't need to make things worse than they already are, accept the setback and don't let it affect everything else.
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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