Friday, 30 October 2015

Primark Haul

Hey guys! As I have started this new business thing at my university, I needed some smart clothes and I figured I didn't have any and headed to primark! I also picked up a couple of other things too!

I got two pairs of shoes! A smart pair and a pair for winter! The winter shoes are so comfy I love them to bits.


I also picked up two skirts, a lace black one and a burgundy one.



I got two smart tops, a burgundy top and a black top.

I also got a dress in the same material as the skirt.

I also got these two cute jumpers which will be nice to throw on when I want some warmth but not too much!



I also got a few essentials, a white strappy top (£2.50) three pairs of panda socks (£2) and some black tights (£3)

Hope you enjoyed this haul!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tunesday Tuesday- October

Hey! It's time for my October Tunesday, where I run down the chart and give my opinions and show you my personal playlist this month!

Top UK 10 

1) Turn the music Louder- KDA ft Tinie Tempah and Katy B
I love this song! It's so fun and Katy B is so talented she can sing every type of genre and Tinie Tempah is one of my favourite rappers so this is a winner for me.

2) Perfect- One direction 
This song is okay... it's a bit samy all through so I find it a bit boring but it will probably grow on me.

3) The hills- the weekend 
Like a lot of the weekend songs it's a song I will enjoy in a club but not something I'd listen to outside of one

4) Hotline Bling- Drake
The memes this song has created make me laugh so much, like I said for The hills, it's something I'd want to come on in a club but not something I'd listen to outside

5) What do you mean- Justin Bieber
I have heard this song too much now it's getting a bit annoying!

6) Running (loose it all)- Naughty Boy ft Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin
I love Beyonce so naturally I do love this song it gives me shivers!

7) Wasn't expecting that- Jamie Lawson
I have not heard of Jamie Lawson before but I really like the Ed Sheeran crossed with passenger vibes

8) Be right there- Diplo & Sleepy Tom
This isn't really my type of music but I do like this when I am out.

9) Locked away- R city ft Adam Levine
I love this song, I love Adam Levine's voice and I love the different vibes and beats that run through this.

10) On my mind- Ellie Goulding
Not really a massive fan of this if I am honest! I just think it's a bit basic somehow!

My playlist:
1) Twin Atlantic- Brothers and Sisters
2) Stephanie Heinzmann- Digging in the dirt
3) Martin Solvig vs Skepta & JME- Thats not me/ intoxicated remix
4) Birdy and Rhodes- Let it all go
5) 5 seconds of summer- Hey everybody (one to watch)
6) Emperor's new clothes- Panic! At the disco

What have you been loving lately?
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Friday, 23 October 2015

Wanderlust pinterest board

Hey guys! Today I wanted to show you my travel pinterest board, of places that I would love to go if I ever can. I have said where I believe some of them them to be but if you know where some of the places I don't know are or I have places wrong please let me know.

(Gudvangan, Norway)

(New York)

(Santorini, Greece)

(A river cafe in Berlin)

(Hotel George V, Paris)

(Budapest, Hungry)

(Glow worm caves, Waitomo, New Zealand)

(Light festival, Thailand)

(Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island, Maldives)

You can find this board and my other boards here.
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Hey guys, I was asked by TreacleMoon to get involved with the #beyou campaign which they are running alongside BulliesOut . A lot of my blog content is centered towards the idea of loving yourself and ultimately that cannot happen if you don't accept who you are, which is a difficult thing (for some) to do.

Individuals are what make the world go round, we really are. The fact that everyone is special and unique is something which we hear about a lot but can be difficult to believe. Often we may hear other people tell us the opposite, that we are worthless and that is something which can be difficult to shake off. I believe that being different is something that should be celebrated, that we should celebrate ourselves. Whether we are awkward, clumsy, bad in social situations they are all part of who we are and we shouldn't hide away from these things but just embrace them.
Other people in the world are so preoccupied with themselves that most people don't care what you do and what you look like, so go ahead and let yourself be you! Wear what you want to wear and do what you want to do. Let yourself take as much from this world as you like because you only have one life in which to do it. Don't listen to people who tell you different, I promise they're not worth it but you are.

Letting yourself be free and be yourself is one of the best things you will do. Be happy, be you.
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Friday, 16 October 2015

My uni room tour

Hey guys! As you all know I am a Nottingham Trent University studying psychology and I thought it would be fun to show you guys what my room looks like here. I am living in halls with an ensuite bathroom which I love! I haven't included the bathroom in the pictures!

This is the view when you first enter my room.

Next to my bed, I have a little bedside table with a small drawer and space underneath.
As you can see, I use the under space for food as we have such a small cupboard in our kitchens. In my drawer I keep yummy snacks and treats, at the moment I have jammy dodgers and rocky bars!
The room came with a lamp on my desk, I moved it onto this table because I always like to have a light beside my bed! I also have tissues, a glass of water and some chocolate buns which I don't normally have!
This is my single bed! I am missing my double bed! The beds are comfy though, and I have storage space under my bed where all my spare sheets are hidden.

At the bottom of my bed is my cupboard. My cupboard is tiny! There is no room for my clothes!

Opposite my cupboard is my desk.
On my desk I have my fruit basket, coke, vodka, my computer and  my notepads. I also have flasks and bottles for water. On my shelves, I have my folders and books on one side and makeup and jewelry on the other. On the top shelf I have kitchen roll, some cereal packets from when people come over, and more makeup.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A negative mind will never give you a positive life

Hey guys! Today's little thought is focused on different mindsets and how our mindset can affect our lives. Being in a negative mindset will have negative outcomes on our lives. Thinking in a negative way can be more dangerous than we realise and it affects how we see the world too. We start to take in information that is negative rather than the positive stuff that is happening around us too. If this continues, we will end up sad and not be able to enjoy life the way we should be.

It's important to catch the negative thinking before it develops, make a conscious effort to see things in a better light. Change the things you focus on too, don't focus on what you didn't do great on or what went wrong, but on the things you did well and continue to do them. Think of criticism or bad things as things you can improve on, not something that is set in stone or something that defines you.

Of course it is not possible to be positive all the time, but finding yourself slipping into a habit where everything is bad and you feel it affecting you, may mean you have to go to the doctors if it is serious. If however you know the reason your sad is say exam period or something you know which is temporary, get through this time by focuses on what is good. By doing this you often find you succeed better too.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel better too, your mum or gran or friends or pets. Talk to these people and even things like this can make us feel more positive which gives a positive outcome.

A positive outlook= a positive outcome.

This will take time and practice but its definitely worth it!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Saturday, 10 October 2015

The body shop tea-tree face wash review

Hey guys! If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you will know that I have used cliniques anti blemish skin routine for a while and I thought it time to have a change. I have kept with the clinique anti blemish solutions toner and the dramatically different moisturizing gel, but I have swapped the face wash to the body shop's tea-tree one. Another reason why I swapped was because this large bottle cost me around £10 for 400ml as opposed to paying £18 for 125ml for the cleansing foam wash that clinique offered. The body shop does also offer a toner and a moisturizer in the tea-tree range but as I said above I am sticking with those for now.

Surprisingly, I found this face wash to be a lot more drying than the clinique one and a lot more drying than I would have expected. I had to buy Simple's rich moisturiser to put on some places on my face where my skin got really dry. The woman serving me said that this one was less drying than the other tee-tree face cleansers and washers.

I personally don't like the bottle and how the wash actually dispensers. I know that might be a weird complaint but I use their ginger shampoo which is in the same type of bottle and comes out in the same way which put me off the first few times i was using it.

I really like the freshness of the product, when I use it my face feels so much fresher and it feels like its really working on my skin. It feels more natural somehow than cliniques wash, because it has tea-tree in which is a natural product I feel like it's ethically better for my skin.

I would probably argue however it's not quite as good as clinique at stopping blemishes, I am getting a few more on this product. That being said the effect is not massive and it really has helped to keep my skin clear and blemish free.

I would recommend because of the price and the quality too! I have used it for a while and this bottle will last me ages so I am very pleased with that! If you are prone to blemishes I would recommend it completely. At that price it is fantastic.
Have you tried this?
What did you think?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Don't give up because of one setback

Hey guys! I am finally back to posting after having a little break for freshers week and settling into university. My posts should be back to their usual structure. You can see my post about my freshers week over on my lifestyle blog here. I am currently absolutely dying from freshers flu which is a bit annoying as my lectures start soon! Nevertheless, today's little thought is about carrying on when something goes wrong.

I often talk about not giving up on my little thought tuesdays because it is something that I think is really important. However it is difficult to carry on after a setback. I really love this quote...

It seems so silly when we think about it yet its so easy to do so. Every time I have some chocolate I always feel like "Oh well I'll start eating better tomorrow or next week" which makes no sense and I think its the same in lots of situations. I feel like giving up completely because I have had one setback. It's so easy to just give everything up because one thing has gone wrong.

Why do our minds automatically jump to the worst conclusions? One setback such as eating some chocolate or one awkward encounter or bad grade should not affect the rest of our goals, or even the rest of the day. Just because you got a bad grade in one subject doesn't mean you should give up on that or the rest of your subjects, just as eating some chocolate doesn't mean you can't eat healthily for the rest of the day.

You don't need to make things worse than they already are, accept the setback and don't let it affect everything else.
Lots of love,
Eleanor x