Tuesday, 1 September 2015

So what you failed?

Hey guys! I'm guessing by now everyone has had their exam results back, GCSE's, A levels, uni and others. I wanted to focus today's little thought on these results. To most people, the little letter on a piece of paper handed to you on this fateful day is important. It was to me too. Sleepless nights the night before, shaking hands, I bet these are all familiar feelings. I have had joy, disappointment and everything in between on various different exam results day.

If you do well, it's brilliant and I am very happy for you. If you are like me however and you are forever feeling like you don't get what you deserve or you don't do as well as hoped, I know how horrible that can feel.

On my year 12 results day I was horrified at my results and cried and cried and stormed and swore, the whole fiasco and that was while I was still in the hall.

This year, I got the same results but this time I didn't have a massive show, I simply accepted it and moved on.

At the end of the day although I did not get into my first choice of university and the grades I got did not reflect how hard I worked, it truly is not the end of the world. There are other opportunities, other universities, other courses, other schools, other ways in. Often these opportunities are better than what you wanted originally.

In my short life, I have learnt that things in life very rarley go the way you want them too. and you have to be prepared to accept that and move on. You cannot grow as a person if you continue to let yourself be consumed with what you wished had happened or hoped had happened. You cannot keep your mind closed to other possibilities or your going to seriously create a problem for yourself.

So what? You failed, you didn't get the grades, you didn't get the job, you made a mistake.
What do you do?

You pick yourself up, you hold your head up and you keep going. You keep trying. Don't let yourself give up because of a number on a paper, they don't reflect you so keep fighting and keep plodding on.

Lots of love
Eleanor x

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