Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Making friends

Hey guys! Many of us, myself included are soon heading back to school and university, some of us for the first time. One of the most daunting this about this is the question of

"Will I make friends?"

I often find that I find friends in the most unexpected places and with people that I wouldn't have thought I'd ever be friends with. My number one tip would be to not have an idea of who you would like to be friends with. We all have an idea of an "ideal" friend but if we do this we will miss the people in front of us who we'd actually get on really well with. Talk to everyone!

My second tip would be to be friendly. Often you will have to make the first move, talk to them first, invite them to somewhere or pop up first. We all have to put in effort and putting yourself forward sometimes is a good way to start off a friendship!

Another thing I find is that friends can be found in different places, at school, through other friends, through sports clubs and often joining new things can be a good way to find new people to connect with.

Social networking is a great way to make friends now. It's easy and quick to join groups on facebook. For people going to uni, try and find your flat mates of course mates by seeing if there are any facebook groups for them. I found loads of people in my flat this way and it's a good plan to have some idea of knowing who you're spending the next year with!

Overall, remember to be yourself and to relax. You will find that you will make friends as humans are social creatures and often everyone is in the same boat together,

Lots of love
Eleanor x

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