Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Letter to my insecurities

Hey guys! Today's little thought is based around the idea that for girls especially (but also for boys!) we often feel like it's our job to look "pretty." By pretty I mean the socially constructed idea of what "pretty" is. You know the feeling of terror when you go out without make-up on, that we are letting someone down. It doesn't make sense. We don't have to look a certain way. Our imperfections are okay and we can and should love ourselves for how we look now. To prove this, I have written this letter about the parts of me that I get insecure about. I hope you enjoy and feel free to also do this letter, to show people how important and not "big-headed" it is to love yourself and your imperfections.

To myself and anyone else who feels the need to comment upon how I look,

I do not have the ideal body type. I am not six foot 10 with big boobs and flawless skin. But that does not mean I am not beautiful, that does not mean I should not love my body.

I have no boobs. Nothing. Nada. They have not grown for five years and there is no cleavage to speak off. But yano know what? I do not have back pain and these babies will stay perky for a lot longer.

I do not have a flat stomach. I have a little stomach pouch at the bottom of my stomach. But so what? This protects my important organs so that one day I can have a baby. 

I am bottom heavy to say the least. I have a pear shaped body with no thigh gap to speak off and a rather large behind. Who cares? Big butts are in and if someone tells me my thighs are too big then I had snap their head off like a walnut between these big boys.

I have random fat at the back of my calves that's really prominent and no one else seems to have. But do you know what my legs do? They help me walk and run and dance and if they were thinner I might not be able to do that which would suck.

Yes, my face is covered with acne marks and and spots. But my hair and natural hair colour is a gift from the gods, it is smooth and silky as fuck. I have a cute button nose and I have eyes you can get lost in, they're massive and beautiful and deep. 

I am well aware I am 4ft10, you do not need to comment on my hight. I'm smaller than the cute "small girl" phenomena on the internet, I am really tiny but that's okay. It's me and it's rad as hell. 

Our  bodies was not designed to please others. They were not designed so that we should be aesthetically pleasing. It was designed so we can walk and talk and think. So we can learn and try and succeed. So we can brace all weathers, so we can have opinions and love and live and laugh and cry and feel. 
Our bodies were not made to be pretty
They were made to be amazing.

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  1. I love this, so much. Such a great post! All us girls could learn something from this xxx