Friday, 4 September 2015

Coffee and a catch-up

Hey guys! Today I just thought I'd have a bit of a catch-up and fill you in with what is happening currently with my future plans and with my blogging. I hope you are all sitting comfortably with a preferred beverage (I am as I type drinking peppermint tea so I lied about the coffee sorry) and I shall begin.

So on the 25th of September (21 days away!), I will be moving one and a half hours away from Leeds where I currently live to Nottingham. I will be studying psychology at Nottingham Trent university and living in halls with 11 other strangers. This is quite scary and by quite I mean very but I am really looking forward to it too! I am sure I will keep you up to date with everything!

Those of you who didn't know, I currently write three blogs. This one which most people know about and which is my first blog. However over the summer I have also been documenting my life over on a new blog called littlesummeradventures (link is at the side) and I have decided to continue this blog as a lifestyle blog to show you guys what I get up to at uni! I now additionally write a food and recipe blog which is at littlerecipesfromlittlepeople and is all to do with food and recipes and reviews of restaurants ect which is also linked at the side.

Going to uni however means I may not have a lot of time to blog as much as I am currently doing. I will be balancing uni work, a part time job, the gym and having a social life all while trying to fit in the three blogs I currently write. This is not going to be easy and as always, I accept the challenge!

Unfortunately I know I am not going to be able to write as much as I am, but I am aiming to post still four times a week. Twice on this blog, the same usual "little thought" posts and fun Friday post and then once on my recipe blog and once on my adventure/lifestyle blog to keep you all up to date with my life!

I am self catered at uni and so will probably still be cooking, however I am saving a lot of drafts of recipe's I am making over the summer so that I will have enough post on my foodie blog. I will of course be reviewing new restaurants in Nottingham which I am super excited about seeing the cafe's and restaurants we do not have in Leeds. I aim to start a new series on that blog too focusing on different foods and ingredients so I should have plenty to talk about there.

As always I will be planning my posts monthly and pre writing many of them so with any luck I will be able to fit it in!

I am however going to give myself freshers week off from blogging just while I settle in and get used to my course and timetable and how things are run so from the 25th to the 4th of October I will not be posting on any of my blogs unless I have something I really want to show you on my lifestyle blog about what I have been up to!

This is what is happening at the moment and I will update you if the plan changes which it may do knowing me!

Lots of love as always
Eleanor x

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