Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tuesday Tuesday August

Hey guys! It's the last Tuesday of the month meaning its time for my monthly music post, where I run down the top ten charts and show you my own personal playlist! So lets look at the chart...

1) Don't be so hard on yourself- Jess Glynn
Regular readers of this know how much I adore Jess Glynn, she's seriously one of my favourite female singers at the moment and this song is no exception!

2) Marvin Gaye- Charlie Puth 
I think Charlie has a really good voice and I am actually really liking this song, it's good fun

3) How Deep is your love- Calvin Harris
This isn't my favourite song to be honest it doesn't really spark anything in  me, probably unpopular opinion but I find it quite boring sorry!

4) Can't feel my face- The weekend
This song is growing on me, I think I need to listen to it more!

5) Intoxicated- Martin Sloveig
This isn't really my fave type of music, it's music that I'd dance to in a club but I wouldn't listen to outside of one.

6) Black Magic- Little Mix
I really like Little Mix and I am still enjoying this song!

7) Are you with me- Lost frequencies
Feels like this song has been around since the beginning of time! I love it though.

8) Shut up and dance- walk the moon
I love hearing this on the radio its such a feel good fun song!

9)Shine- Years and Years
Years and Years is growing on me, I honestly wasn't too sure when I heard the first song but I do really like this song!

10) Glitterball- Stigma ft Ella Henderson
It's nice to see Ella in the charts again! I can't believe she's my age it's mad... anyway this is a fun summer song I like it a lot!

My Playlist this month is super short, it's bizarre but I've not listened to much new music this month!
1) She keeps me warm- Mary Lambert
2) Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Ray
3) High by the beach- Lana Del Ray

I would seriously look out for high by the beach, it's going to be really popular this month!
You can find all my playlists here 
Lots of love
Eleanor x

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