Friday, 28 August 2015

My favourite films

Hey guys! Everyone loves a good film day but the most irritating thing is when you can't think of a film you want to watch... well here are my favourites to help you decide!

1) Lord of the rings.

This is one of my fave trilogy's ever, fantasy, amazing fight scenes and full of quotes you cannot help but repeat. These films have memes galore and as silly as it sounds I remember the first time I ever watched the films and fell in love. If you are a lover of game of thrones or any type of fantasy, these films are a must have for you.

2) Kingsman.

Bit of a different film to the one above but if you haven't seen this hilarious spy film you really need to! It never fails to make me laugh and I would seriously recommend it!

3) Pirates of the Caribbean

Another series of Orlando Bloom films, can you tell I am in love? These four films never ever get old. A hilarious film with lots of fighting, love and loveable characters, just how films should be! Plus there is a fifth one coming out in 2017 with Orland Bloom again! I cannot wait.

4) Enchanted Ella

This is by far my favourite version of Cinderella ever. It's completely different to other versions and has amazing songs throughout. It's funny and light for a film day!

5) Aladdin

This is probably my fave Disney film! I watched it back the other day and it really made me laugh. The music is fabulous and I just adore it.

6) Night at the Museum 2

I preferred the second one to the first one by far. It's hilarious and quotable, me and my sister can never get enough. Plus the Jonas brothers as cherubs? Yes please!

7) Freaky Friday

Love this film! It's such a classic and I just love the concept of living in someone else's body for a day!

Do you like these films? What are your favourites?
Lots of love
Eleanor x

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