Friday, 21 August 2015

My everyday Make-up Routine

Hey guys! Today I wanted to show you my everyday makeup routine. This is my typical routine that I used for school. Because I am so used to it, it takes me no time at all and I can do it under five minuets when I am in a rush for the bus!

First of all, I apply my foundation on with my real techniques face brush. As I have said before, I use Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation and I have done a full review of this before.

I then use my Benefit erase paste concealer to cover any spots and dark circles under my eyes.
Then I take my Rimmel clear complexion powder and use that to get rid of shine and "matteify" my face

Once my base is on, I start on the eyes. Today I have decided to use on of my everyday smoky pallets by NYC. It has instructions on on how to use it and I follow these.
I then apply eyeliner. The eyeliner I am using everyday at the moment is scandal eyes by Rimmel

I then use my mascara which is "The colossal go extreme" by Maybeline
And then to line by bottom eyelid I use a eye-liner pencil which is Rimmels special eyes
For lips, I ex foliate them using Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub and then apply a lip-stick or a lip-gloss. Today I have gone with one of my favourite everyday pink nude colour which is in the rouge addition by Boujois in the colour Rose Tweed.

And that's me done!
Hope you enjoyed this!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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