Friday, 7 August 2015

Holiday Haul

Hey guys! I am back after what seems like ages when in reality it has only been a week! This past week I have been on holiday! If you are interested in seeing what I got up to in the holiday itself, I have uploaded the first part of my holiday on my summer blog, and will upload the second part tomorrow. Today I thought I would show you some things I got on my holiday!

1) Earrings.
In a Debs in Cardiff, I spotted some jewellery that was half price and at two pounds each, I decided to get both of these!

2) Models own nail polish in the Diamond Luxe range shade Emerald green.
I have wanted this polish for ages! I already have one in this range and got this too in Cardiff!
3) Books
This first book I actually got the day before I went away. It's called Endgame:The Calling and it's apart of a new series i believe, I know there is a second one to it at least and I assume more are to be made. I am excited to read it and will perhaps do a review when I do!

These next books I got in Startford and I am so excited by them. I have wanted to read The Maze Runner series for ages and in the works I found the whole trilogy and the prequel for £9.99 together! Four books for ten pounds I was ecstatic.
4) Mug
In Stratford I bought this mug and coaster which says "Though she be but little she is fierce" which is a quote from a midsummers nights dream and which sums me up nicely I think!

5) Presents.
 For Lucy I bought some fudge and a coaster and for my boyfriend I got him a mug which has all of Shakespeares insults on which I think will make him laugh!

7) A Teeshirt
When I was in Cardiff I went to the dr who experience and found this teeshirt for £4.99. As a massive dr who fan, how could I resist!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my haul!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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