Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tunesday Tuesday July

Hey guys! It's time for my monthly music post, where I run down the top 10 chart songs and show you my own playlist for this month! Here is the top 40.

1) Black Magic- Little Mix
I didn't recognise this as them when I heard it! I like Little Mix though, we need more girl bands!

2) Are you with me- Lost frequencies
I love this song! it's always on when I'm at the gym and I am enjoying it at the moment!

3) Shine- Years and Years
These have become an increasingly popular band! Another fresh song from them.

4) House every weekend- David Zowie
I have to admit, although it is not my type of music, this is actually in my playlist too! love it.

5) Come and get it- John Newman
I love John Newman lots, he has an amazing voice and I adore this song.

6) Show me love- Sam Feldt
This is a cute song, I love the little birds at the beginning.

7) How deep is your love- Calvin Harris
This isn;t really something I normally like, but hopefully it will grow on me!

8) Shut up and Dance- walk the moon
This song has grown on me a lot actually, such a good tune to have a boogie too!

9) Cheerleader- OMI
This song just hasn't got old yet! Such a feel good song.

10) Waiting for love- Avicii
Those of you who read this monthly music post a lot know I love avicii more than life, such strong lyrics and music, this too just eeks strength. Makes me feel on top of the world!

My playlist:
This month I have a very short playlist!

1) Mercy- Muse
2) Better than that- Marina and the diamonds
3) House every weekend- David Zowie
4) Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood (Alyson and Max stoner cover)

What have you been listening to this month? Also, I go on holiday on Thursday which is exciting but I will not be active on here until late next week, I will of course see all your comments! When I get back I will do a holiday blog up on my second blog www.littlesummeradventures.blogspot.co.uk
Lots of love
Eleanor x

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  1. Ooh, those are some really good music choices. I've heard a few of them, but I will definitely be checking out the rest. Thanks for the recommendations! :)