Friday, 10 July 2015

MUA Undressed and Undress me too review

Hey guys! Today I am doing a beauty review of two eye-shadow pallets by MUA. These eye shadow pallats are famously known for being replicas of the naked and naked 2 pallets by urban decay, but at the very low price of just four pounds for each pallet. I have been using these pallets practically every day, they are my stable eye- shadows because there are so many looks you can create with them.

Here is "Undressed" swatches:
As you can see, some of the colours do not come out well, for example shade 3 and 5 are two matte colours, and neither of them are particularly and I do not use these very often as they basically make no difference. However the darker colours often come out better and the bottom row are all colours that I use regularly.

Here is "Undress me too" swatches:
Once again, there are some colours that are so weak you can barley see them, shades 1 (naked) and 3 (shy) are so light I don't use them. I also find that shades 2 (Devotion) and 4 (Fiery) are too similar to pull apart. Shade 5 (lavish) took me quite a long time to get the colour you can see on my hand too. Shade 8 (exposed) gets a lot more colour on the eye than on my hand and I love paring this with the lighter grey next to it (Reveal) and the black at the end (Corrupt,)

I cannot compare these to the naked pallets, however I would imagine that this one is less pigmented in a lot of colours but the colours themselves are very similar. I believe despite the few colours that are very weak, they are worth spending four pounds on for everyday eye shadows as they are cheap and overall are good eyeshadows.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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  1. It is nice to see that there are dupes because the UD naked palettes come at a high price tag. :) I would probably recommend the Make up revolution Iconic palettes as dupes for the Naked palettes. :) I have the real Naked palette and I love it so much :)