Tuesday, 14 July 2015

loving youself

Hey guys! Todays little thought is on something that is quite personal to me. Something i struggle with and i believe a lot of people struggle with is being able to love yourself. When we are asked what we love, the answer of "me" is probably not one which comes to your mind instantly, if at all. I have struggled a lot with "loving myself" in the past. When i was younger i suffered from acne when not many of my classmates did, then as i got older i had to come to terms with my IBS and then I started to struggle with my weight. I think that because of the pressure young teenagers experience, to look and be a certien way we grow up with expectations which are hard, nay impossibe to reach.

For some of us, loving ourselves can come easy, but for some, me included it is something we have to work on. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are loved and amazing the way we are. I suggest little post it notes stuck around, maybe one on a mirror or closet where you look every day. Taking time to give yourself treats, have an at home spa day with your friends, or a film and junk food night.

Your body is yours. Its important to treat it right with things you need such as water and exercise. Never feel pressured to use your body in a certain way either, its yours not someone else's and by reminding yourself of this it can be the first step to loving yourself.

Remind yourself of your achivements, all those cetificats your parents kept, even the dolphin swimming ones, you did that and that is an achivement. Dont compare youre achivements to someone elses. This is a massive step in loving yourself, do not measure yourself against someone else. Focus on your own goals and your own strengths and not someone else's.

I know its hard but i know we can all work on it! Everyday i want you to tweet something positive about yourself and tag it #littlepositivethoughts so that we can all see and read them making a community of positivity!
Lots of love
Eleanor x


  1. I used to have self confidence issues when I was a younger teen, but right now, without sounding like a really selfish person, I am one of the most important people in my life. I try to make myself feel good, treat my skin, treat myself to goodies, apply make up or whatever feels good. And you know what I like how I am living :) If you can;t love yourself whoelse will?