Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Being different

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing okay! Today's little thought is all about celebrating your differences and what makes you different to other people. I found this quote which sums up what I mean
Everyone has differences, different looks, different characteristics ect. Often the media bombard us with the idea of an "ideal" person from a young age, and often this pretence that we have to live up to a certain way often follows us throughout our lives. What makes it harder, is that this is physically and literally impossible. We cannot all be this idea of a "perfect" person ie look the ideal way act the ideal way because as I said above, we are all different. And this is just a reminder that that is okay. In fact, its amazing. The idea of what is ideal is socially constructed, it does not exist. A life full of the same people would be boring, it is boring, the "ideal person" is boring. Everyone has differences and that is really awesome, people have different strengths and weaknesses and that means people are better suited to one thing and not other things and that's okay. That's how life keeps running. You may be bad at English but really good at maths. Or you may be shocking at art but really good at music or be a really kind and that's really cool too.

We all look different too, some of us are tall, short, in between. Blonde haired, brown haired, red haired, black haired, no haired. All of these are awesome, none is worse than the other. There is no such thins as a "bad body" or a "good body" they are just bodies and all are as amazing as the other. Whether they are larger, smaller, whether some parts don't seem to work like other peoples do, they're still bodies, and they're still really cool. It's okay not to look a certain way or not to fit into a socially determined category. It doesn't mean we should look down on people who do seem to fit this "ideal person" it just means that instead of comparing ourselves and measuring our worth against this, we should instead realise that different does not mean bad.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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