Thursday, 11 June 2015

Pinterest board- Jewellery

Hi Guys! Hope you are all doing well, I have had two exams now. I have three left next week gah before prom next Friday! So I will probably not be posting next week. However when I do return in a few weeks time I have quite a lot of exciting things on this blog and on another blog which will be going live at the end of next week! I will probably explain more about it in another post however I decided to set up a little blog purely to blog this summer. I have a long summer and it is my last summer at home before I move to university and I wanted to document my life everyday (if possible!) as a little reminder to myself and others about what I get up to. The blog is called and I will hopefully be doing my first blog on it next week so please feel free to go and follow it now! I will also be creating a bloglovin account for it at some point.

I thought I had not done a pinterest board for a while, so I decided to show you the faves from my jewellery board! Hope you like!





Hope you liked! You can see the rest of this board and all my other boards here
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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