Thursday, 18 June 2015

Little update!

Hey guys! My exams are finished finally! I had my last one this morning and I'm so happy, and so excited to get back into dedicating my time to blogging. I have a lot of things to fill you guys in on too which I'm really excited about so I'm going to get straight on with it!

1) I have a new blog, I have set up purely for documenting this summer. I think it's quite a big summer, it's a long one and it's my last summer before university so I wanted to create an online diary almost of what I get up to this summer. It would mean so much to me if you could go and have a look and subscribe via bloglovin/ blogger or even email! I will hopefully be writing on this everyday! The url is

2) Talking about emails, you can now subscribe to littelthoughts via email! To be updataed about what I post. I will be back to my posting of about three times a week. My "little thoughts" post, the posts I usually do on tackling problems and hopefully inspiring you guys! My secondary post where I just do something random, and finally my 100 days of happiness sunday post will be replaced by....

3) Getting to know bloggers series! On Sundays (if people want to get involved!) I will be interviewing other bloggers on here and asking them questions. I love meeting new people and this will be a good way to connect to other bloggers and also let people share their blog with people too. I will be going into more detail about that in my next post which I will probably put up later on this evening on this blog about if you want to get involved!

4) I now blog for a music blog called, on which I purely write about music and I am hoping to be able to update this once a week. The guy who runs it is really cool and it's worth checking out anyway. It's updated daily and if you love music it's a good way to see whats going on in the music world everyday!

I think that's! Normal posting will resume soon and I hope you're as excited about these things as I am haha!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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