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Blogger interviews #1- Little-lifestyle

Hey guys! Today is the start of my new blogger interview series, where I interview a blogger everyweek! My first blogger is a girl called Chloe and she is the writer of a blog called Little-Lifestyle which you can find here. I have recently been talking to Chloe quite a lot over dm, we connected over our hate for psychology unit4 and so I am really glad she is my first interviee as we have become good friends. Chloe runs a lifestyle/ beauty blog and it is one of my faves so you definitely need to go and have a look!

1) Where did the name behind your blog come from?
 'Little-Lifetyle' was something that literally just came into my mind one day and I was like 'YES' lets start a blog. The meaning is really my little life that I enjoy and want to document (whether it being a beauty product in enjoying or a day or activity I wish to share or any advice that I have from personal experience).

2) Why did you decide/what insipired you to start blogging? 
 I decided to start blogging because the idea of having something to look back on when I'm older was exciting... to see what I enjoyed and what I did as a teenager, also it was something I generally liked doing as a hobby and something I could focus my mind too!

3) What are you most looking forward too this summer? 
This summer is one to remember! Its my longest summer before I start university and boy am I excited! I've got prom to go to, a holiday with the girls in Malaga, and then holiday with my family to Gran Canaria, but overall I'm excited to relax and enjoy the hot weather with the people I love the most and be stress free :).

4) What songs are you particularly loving at the moment? 
This is a tough one as it changes so often haha, but at this moment in time I am loving the artist James Young (songs - Habits Of My Heart and Moondust). I am also loving Markus Feehily - Love Is A Drug and Zella Day - 1965 and East Of Eden, oh gosh and Aquilo - Human (Marian Hill) and The Kite String Tangle - Arcadia, and Hozier! Just too many to choose

5) What type of things do you blog about? 
I literally blog about anything really, so far its been beauty and a mixture of lifestyle stuff and everyday activities. Generally products or ideas that I believe in. Or something to hopefully inspire someone. Since its now summer and I am free from exams I will be doing plenty of travel/summer/holiday posts

6) Do you have any favourite bloggers? if so who and why?
I am so new to this blogging world I'm just trying to get around it haha but some of my favourite bloggers are Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter just because of their you-tube and their personality and the way their blog is designed and produced and what they write about :). Plus a new one I have found is this one right here :) 'Little Thoughts From Little People' I love it :). I am currently on the hunt for more bloggers to inspire me and enjoy :)

7) Why is blogging important to you?
To me blogging is important because it's a way of documenting my life. Imagine being 80 and reading over what I enjoyed at the age of 18/19 etc or what I was up to and my most treasured memories. Also if one post changes one persons life or makes them happy or changes how they think then that's important too, it's mainly important to be happy about the blog I am writing which will hopefully then transfer onto other people :D.

8) what is your most embarrasing moment? (that you are willing to share) 
Oooo haha. I literally hated this day. It was early secondary school and I was running down a hill tripped and fell and literally feel straight onto my stomach, and then continuously down the hill. I just stood up with people looking at me and ran off. GAH. THIS DAY. I never ever went down that hill again. But at least I laugh at it now haha. Secondary school was just a reel of embarrassing moments...

9) What would your dream job be? 
I think that my dream job would be working with animals abroad in a nice hot place like Australia or New Zealand. That would literally be brilliant, just dream job right there for me. I love animals all around... just a shame I'm allergic otherwise I would be reaching for that potential dream job... Maybe one day!

10) A random fact about you!
 A random fact, hmm I am an only child with no middle name. Which whenever I say I don't have a middle name some people seem shocked, not too sure why haha.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Chloe and her blog and remember to go and check her blog out and follow on bloglovin!

If you want to be apart of my new series and be interviewed by me, comment with your emails or email me at!

Lots of Love 
Eleanor x

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