Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Tunesday Tuesday-June

Hey guys! It's time for my monthly music post, where I run down the chart and talk about my playlist this month! First of all lets look at the chart!

1) Not Letting go- Tinie Tempa ft Jess Glynne
I love Jess Glynne, at the moment she is everywhere and I have no problem with this! I really like this song too, it's really fun and summery!

2) Are you with me- Lost frequencies
This is another summer song for me! Its easy to get the hang of because it just repeates itself so its perfect for singing in clubs!

3) Want to Want me- Jason Derulo 
Gotta love a bit of Jason, his songs are always so fun and this is no exception. Really good beat to dance to i love this man.

4) Shutup and Dance- Walk The Moon 
This is another really fun song, one to dance around the kitchen when you're supposed to be doing chores kinda song.

5) Lean on- Major Lazer x DJ Snake
I think this song has a really good beat but I think there are a few problems with the music video in the way of cultural representation.

6) Cheerleader- OMI
This song feels like it has been around forever! It's so annoyingly catchy

7) I don't like it I love it- Flo Rida ft Robin Thicke 
I think this is summery and a fun song but I really don't like Robin Thicke sorry, he really puts me off this song.

8) Trap Queen- Fetty Wap
This isn't really my type of music but I think it's one we'll be hearing a lot over the summer!

9) Five more hours- Deorro ft Chris Brown 
Super catchy song! I really love the beat in this too.

10) Runaway- Galantis 
I really love this song, it's one of my faves at the moment I think!

My Playlist:
Brandon Flowers- I can change
Marina and the Diamonds- Savages
Muse- Dead Inside
Zac Brown Band- Toes
Fleetwood mac- Tusk
Mans Zelmerlow- Heroes
Fatman Scoop- Be Faithful

You can find my June Playlist and all my Tunesday playlists here  if you want to check these songs out!
If you want music updates download the app or look on the website XNUG.tv which is a website I write for and updates you everyday on the musical happenings in the world!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Blogger interviews #2 - Aabgeenali

Hey guys! This is the second interview of my new series where I interview a blogger! This is a super fun way of getting to know new people. So the blogger I have interviewed this week is a girl called Aabgeen who is the writer of a beauty fashion and lifestyle blog called Aabgeenali which you can find here

1)Where did the name behind your blog come from?
It's my name. I'm not very creative with cute names so I kept it as my own.

2) Why did you decide/ what inspired you to start blogging?
I read a couple of books and loved watching youtube. I originally wanted to start a youtube chanel but I am not very confident and then Zoe Suggs blog inspired me to start my own blog.

3) What are you most looking forward to this summer? 
I am looking forward to growing my blog this summer and go on a vacation with my family.

4) What songs are you particularly loving at the moment?
One last time, Break your heart right back by Ariana Grande, Black Magic by Little Mix and Where do broken hearts go by one direction

5)What type of things do you blog about?
Mainly about beauty then fasion and lifestyle

6) Do you have any favourite bloggers? If so who and why.
Zoe is one of my favourite bloggers because she inspired me to start my own blog and I absolutely love her.

7) What is your most embarrassing moment (that you are willing to share)
When there were too many of my relatives gathered in my living room and I came downstairs and fell in front of so many people it was extremely embarrassing.

8) Why is blogging important to you?
Blogging is important to me because I want to have a voice and want to discuss issues that bother me with the entire world.

9) What would your dream job be?
My dream job would would be to maybe work with Travel Channel someday and film their shows.

10) A random fact about yourself!
A random fact would be that I talk a lot and laugh at almost anything remotely funny.

I hope you enjoyed this interview! Remember to go and check out Aabgeen's blog it's so lovely and one of my faves!
If you want to be involved in this new series and would like me to interview you and promote your blog, please email me at smitheh01@gmail.com or comment with your emails!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Friday, 26 June 2015


Hey guys! Recently I have become rather obsessed with smoothies and discovering new smoothies and new flavours to make! So I thought I'd share with you my top few really easy quick smoothies that I have been loving to make as a quick snack or as part of breakfast! (ps I gave them fancy names because I got bored)

#1) Banana split
You will need: 1 Banana, 1tbsp of peanut butter and 200 ml of coconut milk. Now blend!

#2) Blueberry burst
You will need: 1 peach, half a punnet of blueberries and three or four pbsp of a low fat yoghurt of your choice!

#3) Up the Apples and Pears
You will need: 1 apple, 1 pear and 100 ml of almond milk!

#4) Strawberry delight 
Strawberries and 200 ml of almond milk!

Do you have any suggestions?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Live life to its fullest!

Hey guys! Wow it feels so good to be back doing my little thought posts again, it's been absolutely ages since I have sat down and written one of the posts that I originally set off doing, inspiring and helping people! So as you know I have recently finished my A levels and I honestly feel so relieved. I think that being cooped up so long in my little study with my textbooks and laptop, it feels so nice to be doing whatever I like (which mainly involves watching prison break and seeing my boyfriend.) This next few months are quite a big deal for me, they are the last few months at home before I leave for university and I really want to live life to the fullest within these last few months and just do whatever I want to do. Day trips, days in binge watching, being with my family and my friends and just making sure that I am doing whatever makes me happy and going as many new places as possible.

For this reason as you know I set up another blog at www.littlesummeradventures.blogspot.co.uk to document this summer for this reason!

I think that life is meant to be spent having fun and loving it. Doing what makes you personally happy, surrounding yourself with positive people. Be spontaneous, if one day you wake up and you want to take a day trip somewhere you've not been just do it! You'll feel a lot better for it!

I also love that feeling of exhilaration you get just from saying "yes" to something, Like that feeling in your stomach from agreeing to something you originally didn't think you could do is one of my all time favourite feelings. I personally get kicks from being around lots of people, so I love meeting new people and being in big groups and doing things together. I also love having my quiet days too and just sitting around with a bag of crisps chilling out and I think to enjoy life its so much fun to have a mix of these!

As a lot of you know I suffer from an illness that I used to really let get me down. In fact last year I would have stayed indoors all the time, not because I wanted to but because I was too afraid to leave, but I have worked so hard to overcome this and so this summer I want to get out there and see the world and you should too! Don't let things stop you from doing something you want to, just live your lives!

Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Blogger interviews #1- Little-lifestyle

Hey guys! Today is the start of my new blogger interview series, where I interview a blogger everyweek! My first blogger is a girl called Chloe and she is the writer of a blog called Little-Lifestyle which you can find here. I have recently been talking to Chloe quite a lot over dm, we connected over our hate for psychology unit4 and so I am really glad she is my first interviee as we have become good friends. Chloe runs a lifestyle/ beauty blog and it is one of my faves so you definitely need to go and have a look!

1) Where did the name behind your blog come from?
 'Little-Lifetyle' was something that literally just came into my mind one day and I was like 'YES' lets start a blog. The meaning is really my little life that I enjoy and want to document (whether it being a beauty product in enjoying or a day or activity I wish to share or any advice that I have from personal experience).

2) Why did you decide/what insipired you to start blogging? 
 I decided to start blogging because the idea of having something to look back on when I'm older was exciting... to see what I enjoyed and what I did as a teenager, also it was something I generally liked doing as a hobby and something I could focus my mind too!

3) What are you most looking forward too this summer? 
This summer is one to remember! Its my longest summer before I start university and boy am I excited! I've got prom to go to, a holiday with the girls in Malaga, and then holiday with my family to Gran Canaria, but overall I'm excited to relax and enjoy the hot weather with the people I love the most and be stress free :).

4) What songs are you particularly loving at the moment? 
This is a tough one as it changes so often haha, but at this moment in time I am loving the artist James Young (songs - Habits Of My Heart and Moondust). I am also loving Markus Feehily - Love Is A Drug and Zella Day - 1965 and East Of Eden, oh gosh and Aquilo - Human (Marian Hill) and The Kite String Tangle - Arcadia, and Hozier! Just too many to choose

5) What type of things do you blog about? 
I literally blog about anything really, so far its been beauty and a mixture of lifestyle stuff and everyday activities. Generally products or ideas that I believe in. Or something to hopefully inspire someone. Since its now summer and I am free from exams I will be doing plenty of travel/summer/holiday posts

6) Do you have any favourite bloggers? if so who and why?
I am so new to this blogging world I'm just trying to get around it haha but some of my favourite bloggers are Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter just because of their you-tube and their personality and the way their blog is designed and produced and what they write about :). Plus a new one I have found is this one right here :) 'Little Thoughts From Little People' I love it :). I am currently on the hunt for more bloggers to inspire me and enjoy :)

7) Why is blogging important to you?
To me blogging is important because it's a way of documenting my life. Imagine being 80 and reading over what I enjoyed at the age of 18/19 etc or what I was up to and my most treasured memories. Also if one post changes one persons life or makes them happy or changes how they think then that's important too, it's mainly important to be happy about the blog I am writing which will hopefully then transfer onto other people :D.

8) what is your most embarrasing moment? (that you are willing to share) 
Oooo haha. I literally hated this day. It was early secondary school and I was running down a hill tripped and fell and literally feel straight onto my stomach, and then continuously down the hill. I just stood up with people looking at me and ran off. GAH. THIS DAY. I never ever went down that hill again. But at least I laugh at it now haha. Secondary school was just a reel of embarrassing moments...

9) What would your dream job be? 
I think that my dream job would be working with animals abroad in a nice hot place like Australia or New Zealand. That would literally be brilliant, just dream job right there for me. I love animals all around... just a shame I'm allergic otherwise I would be reaching for that potential dream job... Maybe one day!

10) A random fact about you!
 A random fact, hmm I am an only child with no middle name. Which whenever I say I don't have a middle name some people seem shocked, not too sure why haha.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Chloe and her blog and remember to go and check her blog out and follow on bloglovin!

If you want to be apart of my new series and be interviewed by me, comment with your emails or email me at smitheh01@gmail.com!

Lots of Love 
Eleanor x

Friday, 19 June 2015

Blogger interviews!

Hey guys! As I talked about in my last post, I am going to start a new series every Sunday where I interview a new blogger! I love talking to new people and discovering new blogs so I thought this would be a fun way to do it! Plus it allows other bloggers to connect with my readers.

I am not sure how long I will be doing this series for, I am hoping for the duration of the summer which is quite a long time! So if you would like to feature on this new series then please email me at smitheh01@gmail.com or comment bellow with your emails so I can email you! I will send you more detail and the questions.

Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Little update!

Hey guys! My exams are finished finally! I had my last one this morning and I'm so happy, and so excited to get back into dedicating my time to blogging. I have a lot of things to fill you guys in on too which I'm really excited about so I'm going to get straight on with it!

1) I have a new blog, I have set up purely for documenting this summer. I think it's quite a big summer, it's a long one and it's my last summer before university so I wanted to create an online diary almost of what I get up to this summer. It would mean so much to me if you could go and have a look and subscribe via bloglovin/ blogger or even email! I will hopefully be writing on this everyday! The url is www.littlesummeradventures.blogspot.com

2) Talking about emails, you can now subscribe to littelthoughts via email! To be updataed about what I post. I will be back to my posting of about three times a week. My "little thoughts" post, the posts I usually do on tackling problems and hopefully inspiring you guys! My secondary post where I just do something random, and finally my 100 days of happiness sunday post will be replaced by....

3) Getting to know bloggers series! On Sundays (if people want to get involved!) I will be interviewing other bloggers on here and asking them questions. I love meeting new people and this will be a good way to connect to other bloggers and also let people share their blog with people too. I will be going into more detail about that in my next post which I will probably put up later on this evening on this blog about if you want to get involved!

4) I now blog for a music blog called XNUG.org, on which I purely write about music and I am hoping to be able to update this once a week. The guy who runs it is really cool and it's worth checking out anyway. It's updated daily and if you love music it's a good way to see whats going on in the music world everyday!

I think that's! Normal posting will resume soon and I hope you're as excited about these things as I am haha!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Pinterest board- Jewellery

Hi Guys! Hope you are all doing well, I have had two exams now. I have three left next week gah before prom next Friday! So I will probably not be posting next week. However when I do return in a few weeks time I have quite a lot of exciting things on this blog and on another blog which will be going live at the end of next week! I will probably explain more about it in another post however I decided to set up a little blog purely to blog this summer. I have a long summer and it is my last summer at home before I move to university and I wanted to document my life everyday (if possible!) as a little reminder to myself and others about what I get up to. The blog is called www.littlesummeradventures.blogspot.co.uk and I will hopefully be doing my first blog on it next week so please feel free to go and follow it now! I will also be creating a bloglovin account for it at some point.

I thought I had not done a pinterest board for a while, so I decided to show you the faves from my jewellery board! Hope you like!





Hope you liked! You can see the rest of this board and all my other boards here
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Supercat (soap and glory) eyeliner review

Hey guys! Today in the midst of my revision, I thought I'd write a little review to show you I am still alive and haven't yet been suffocated by the large amount of paper building up around me. I have so many beauty products I want to review at the moment and I thought I'd do one now on the eyeliner I have been using for a while. I bought this eyeliner when my beloved NYC one ran out and I had bought pens before but never been too impressed with them. They were either too thin or too thick. I do really like this one however, and it's so quick and simple and easy to use, it makes my life so much easier knowing I can shove it on at seven am and it will not go all messy on my lids, leading to a panda eye effect as I walk into school. I like my eye-liner quite thick, and this one builds up to be exactly how I like it for my eyes. You can use it to get a much thinner line too.

It is long wearing and doesn't budge during the day, I have never found it peeling or fading during the day and I rarely top it up. Overall I would buy this product again. I think it's cheap at only £6 plus as with any Soap and Glory product, the packaging is lovely!
Have you tried this out? What do you think?
Lots of love
Eleanor x