Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare review, no spoilers

Hey guys! Many of you will be as stressed as I am right now about exams! My first ones on Monday, and during a cheeky half an hour break I thought I'd write a quick review on a book series I read earlier this year. I have not been reading a lot lately due to exams, it has taken me nearly a month to read the girl who played with fire although I should finish it tonight! Nevertheless I did manage to fit in this YA trilogy before exams started. I read Clare's original series the mortal instruments which I also reviewed so I had high hopes for this series.

The characters:
At first reading, I found the characters to be a little basic and too similar to the mortal instruments. You had a courageous mysterious boy (will like Jace) his best friend who tried his best to keep his friend out of trouble (James like Alec) the beautiful and feisty friend ( Jessamine like Isabella.) However as the characters got more developed, I could see there were actually many differences between them. I don't know if I prefer Clary or Tessa. They both do some pretty dumb things but they are also both relatable and quite independent although Tessa annoyed me more than Clary. Of course my all time YA fave character Magnas Bane was in it and so I was very happy!

The plot:
I really enjoyed the plot that stemmed across the three books. The mystery of what Tessa was and where her powers came from was one which kept me questioning and wondering throughout the whole book and at times I was on the edge of my seat unable to put the book down. I am a fan of Clare's writing and it was very exciting just as I found the mortal instruments to be. The twists and turns of this novel kept me on the edge of my seat. Just as I found the mortal instruments, it was funny and witty and often had me laughing out out.

Love plot:
You guys know how much I hate love plots in most books, sorry just not a romantic! There was certainly a lot of romance in this book as Tessa couldn't make her mind up about two boys. Although me being me, I believe this took up too much time from the book, I was legit wondering who she would choose and kept trying to make my own mind up about who I preferred too!

Overall I would give this series 3.5/5. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I would definitely recommend for an exciting YA read if you want to escape into a different world as a light break from revision!
What did you think of this series, have you read them?

Lots of love
Eleanor x


  1. I've read these and I couldn't put them down! Clockwork Angel was my favourite xx