Saturday, 16 May 2015

Life lessons from Steve Jobs

Hey guys! What a busy week it's been, with revision and exams starting. I am now a blogger for a new music website too which is actually super exciting, it is called if you want to check it out and look out for my posts! They will be everything music based, and the website itself is just a great place to check out new music and what's happening in the music industry!

Today however, I wanted to talk about a guy that literally everyone has heard of, Steve Jobs. In his lifetime he came up with some pretty motivational things and I thought I'd share  a few for this pretty difficult and busy time for everyone!

1) Love what you do.
I know this is  a bit contradictory while everyone's doing exams! Literally no one loves it. But for those of you in work and even for those doing exams who will soon be in work, find what you love and do it! Don't let yourself be sucked into a job where the money is good but you hate it, live your life and find what you love and stick with it!

2) You can't do it by yourself.
Don't forget to let people help you or don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. That goes for everything in life. We are not islands! We need people to help us in situations and we should not be afraid of this!

3) Don't mess around with your health.
Look after yourself and don't hurt or do something that could damage yourself. Your body is all you have and is the most important thing. Remember to drink water, eat food, walk when you can and get a good nights sleep!

Goodluck in exams and whatnot of course! Once again I appoligise for the lack of posts but as I said a few posts earlier, I am just going to do one post a week until exams are over and then I will go back to my usual three posts!
Lot of Love
Eleanor x

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