Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tunesday Tuesday-May

Hey guys! I can't believe we are at the end of May already, this month has gone so fast oh my goodness! Nearly half way through the year! Anyway as usual, here is a run down of the charts and my own playlist I have been listening to this month!

1) Cheerleader-OMI
I still really like this song, I think it's been stuck in everyones heads for ages it's super catchy!
2) See you again- Wiz Kalifa ft Charlie Puth 
I literally always think this is Sam Smith, they sound so similar. This is a super cute song though, love it!
3) Bills- Lunchmoney Lewis
Yay! I'm so glad to finally see this in the charts I've been loving this song for so long and no one knew how good it was! This was in my playlist last month I think, or maybe the month before if you saw it so I'm glad it's finally got the popularity it deserves
4) Bad Blood- Taylor Swift
This was one of my faves from her album so I'm so glad this one has made the charts too, I actually haven't seen the video for this yet which is so bad of me but I'll have a look when I get a chance!
5) Where are U now- Jack U ft Justin Bieber 
Omg I haven't heard a song from beibs for ages, been too busy getting into trouble I think, this is quite a cute song but not one I'd go out of my way to listen to.
6) Runaway- Galantis 
I haven't heard this song much, maybe that's just me! I really like it though, it's a bit different to everything in the charts at the moment and the lyrics are really nice.
7) Lean on- Major lazor x DJ Snake 
I love those Indian beats that run through this!
8) I really like you- Carley Rae Jepson 
She's back! Here to prove she's not a one hit wonder, but will this do as well as Call me Maybe? It is just as catchy!
9) Hold my Hand- Jess Glynne
This song makes me so happy, it's such a feel good song and still reminds me of my holiday to Austria (its basically all I listened to there)
10) Hey mama- David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj 
I love Nicki so much (on an unrelated note whose excited for her and Bey's video? ME!) anyway I love the feel they have in this song. David and Nicki are such a good team!

Here's my playlist this month!
1) Geronimo- Sheppard
2) Talk about you- Mika
3) Trouble- Neon Jungle
4) Holes in the sky- M83 ft Haim
5) Still in love with you- Electro Velvet

Had to get our eurovision entry in there! Which I actually really liked although they could have preformed it better!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

What high school taught me

Hey guys! This is quite a personal post today. I am leaving school for good on Friday and I simply cannot believe that the last seven years of being at my school has finally come to an end and I am now moving onto a new chapter of my life. On one hand I am excited to leave, I feel ready to move onto what life has in store for me but it is hard to leave people, teachers and students, that I will probably never see again behind and move onwards. As with everyone I have had good times and bad times at my school, I've made life-long friends and memories which will stay with me forever. Nevertheless I wanted to make a post telling you some of the things I have learnt through this part of my life, from the age of 11 to the age of 18 and some important lessons that I believe will stay with me forever.

1) Keep going.
One thing I have learnt over the years is to keep going and not to give up in life, weather that's something little or something major. No matter what criticisms you get, or how many papers you get back with a lower grade than you wanted, keep working, keep going and keep trying because eventually you will get there.

2) Bad times don't last forever.
There have been several points in these past few years where I have simply wanted to curl up into a ball and never move again. Sometimes things happen to us and we feel as if we have been blown off the course we were on and we are trying desperatley to find our way back. But one thing I have learnt is that while these patch's are bad, things do get better. There are always new people to talk to, new experiences to have and there is always a blue sky after a storm.

3) Don't judge people
Something I have definitely learnt is not to judge people, either by looks or by first impressions. I have made friends with people whom I did not get on with a few years earlier, now to find that actually we have more in common that I thought. People are not all they seem, and often as you grow older people change and become a lot more mature. I have always been hard working and studious and I admit, I judged people who were not and who messed around in class and labelled them in my own head as people who I didn't like. But as I've got older I have learnt that just because people have different norms and value's to me, does not make them any worse of a person and people should be given a chance, there is so much to learn from everyone.

4) Who I am.
One thing I have learnt, possibly the most important thing is who I am. School and peers have shaped me and I have learnt what I like, what I dislike, what I feel good wearing, what I like to talk about, what hobbies I like doing. When I first started school I was very shy and quiet and I think I still am to an extent that's just who I am but I as I got older I started to come out of my shell. I started to put my hand up in class and not go bright red if someone talked to me. I still go get queasy when speaking in front of people but no where near as much as I used to, I am no longer afraid to voice my opinions and I am so much better for it now.

5) That I am strong and independent.
This is actually a fairly new lesson that I learnt within the last two years of school. I think part of it comes from simply growing up and realising you have your own two feet and your own place in the world. I realised that I am a lot stronger on my own than I thought, I do not need people to tell me how I should be and what I should do, I can manage very well on my own and doing my own thing.

I think these are the main five things! Here's to the next chapter of my life.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Life lessons from Steve Jobs

Hey guys! What a busy week it's been, with revision and exams starting. I am now a blogger for a new music website too which is actually super exciting, it is called XNUG.org if you want to check it out and look out for my posts! They will be everything music based, and the website itself is just a great place to check out new music and what's happening in the music industry!

Today however, I wanted to talk about a guy that literally everyone has heard of, Steve Jobs. In his lifetime he came up with some pretty motivational things and I thought I'd share  a few for this pretty difficult and busy time for everyone!

1) Love what you do.
I know this is  a bit contradictory while everyone's doing exams! Literally no one loves it. But for those of you in work and even for those doing exams who will soon be in work, find what you love and do it! Don't let yourself be sucked into a job where the money is good but you hate it, live your life and find what you love and stick with it!

2) You can't do it by yourself.
Don't forget to let people help you or don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. That goes for everything in life. We are not islands! We need people to help us in situations and we should not be afraid of this!

3) Don't mess around with your health.
Look after yourself and don't hurt or do something that could damage yourself. Your body is all you have and is the most important thing. Remember to drink water, eat food, walk when you can and get a good nights sleep!

Goodluck in exams and whatnot of course! Once again I appoligise for the lack of posts but as I said a few posts earlier, I am just going to do one post a week until exams are over and then I will go back to my usual three posts!
Lot of Love
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare review, no spoilers

Hey guys! Many of you will be as stressed as I am right now about exams! My first ones on Monday, and during a cheeky half an hour break I thought I'd write a quick review on a book series I read earlier this year. I have not been reading a lot lately due to exams, it has taken me nearly a month to read the girl who played with fire although I should finish it tonight! Nevertheless I did manage to fit in this YA trilogy before exams started. I read Clare's original series the mortal instruments which I also reviewed so I had high hopes for this series.

The characters:
At first reading, I found the characters to be a little basic and too similar to the mortal instruments. You had a courageous mysterious boy (will like Jace) his best friend who tried his best to keep his friend out of trouble (James like Alec) the beautiful and feisty friend ( Jessamine like Isabella.) However as the characters got more developed, I could see there were actually many differences between them. I don't know if I prefer Clary or Tessa. They both do some pretty dumb things but they are also both relatable and quite independent although Tessa annoyed me more than Clary. Of course my all time YA fave character Magnas Bane was in it and so I was very happy!

The plot:
I really enjoyed the plot that stemmed across the three books. The mystery of what Tessa was and where her powers came from was one which kept me questioning and wondering throughout the whole book and at times I was on the edge of my seat unable to put the book down. I am a fan of Clare's writing and it was very exciting just as I found the mortal instruments to be. The twists and turns of this novel kept me on the edge of my seat. Just as I found the mortal instruments, it was funny and witty and often had me laughing out out.

Love plot:
You guys know how much I hate love plots in most books, sorry just not a romantic! There was certainly a lot of romance in this book as Tessa couldn't make her mind up about two boys. Although me being me, I believe this took up too much time from the book, I was legit wondering who she would choose and kept trying to make my own mind up about who I preferred too!

Overall I would give this series 3.5/5. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I would definitely recommend for an exciting YA read if you want to escape into a different world as a light break from revision!
What did you think of this series, have you read them?

Lots of love
Eleanor x