Saturday, 11 April 2015

100 happy days,day 94-100!

Hey guys! I am fresh off the plane from Austria! You better have missed me while I was gone;) I will upload many pics sometime next week and of course the last few days of this challenge features them! I can't believe this challenge is over, more to the point I can't believe 100 days of 2015 has gone by gah.

Day 94- Arriving in Austria! After a long drive into the mountains we arrived at our hotel, this was the beautiful view from the window!
Day 95- Cheeky bicardi and coke! In the hotel we found a cute lil bar that had cocktails and all sorts of various drinks I tried through the week don't you worry;)

day 96- breakfast in a little cafe we found! We found this lovely cafe which we ordered breakfast from which included a hot chocolate, glass of fresh orange and lots of bread with various toppings!
Day 97- Walking around the village! The village was so pretty, with a beautiful view onto the mountains and the hills surrounding.
Day 98- Salzburg! We took a trip into Salzburg which I adored, we visited mozarts house which was interesting and took a horse and carriage ride to look around.
Day 99- Nice weather! I thought I'd missed all the nice weather England had been having for the cold temperatures of Austria but no! On the last few days we too had glorious sun and warmth!
Day 100- Final walk. Final day in Austria and we went on a little walk because it was warm up to the church near us, a lovely ending to a lovely week.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this little section on my blog for the past few weeks! I need to start a new challenge now, any ideas?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x