Friday, 3 April 2015

100 happy days! Days 89- 93

Hey guys! You probably realised that I'm only uploading five days from my happiness challenge, ie I am putting this up on friday rather than sunday and that's because tomorrow I fly to Austria for a week! I won't be posting at all next week and while I am away it is actually my 100th happy day and the end of this challenge oh my goodness! So I will be uploading all my happy days up to my 100th day when I get back!

Day 89: New bed covers! I finally got my new bed covers put up and they're so pretty! My kitty likes them too! Just waiting for my curtains now!
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Day 90: Fruit. I just adore fruit and these little fruit pots at school make me so happy. 
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Day 91: Yoga. I started yet another yoga program, this ones for beginners and is so fun and relaxing
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Day 92: Easter eggs! I love Easter and chocolate, so yummy!
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Day 93: Peanut butter and jam sandwich. These are such a big love of mine and although I'm packing for Austria I still had time for one of these lovelies!
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See you all in a week!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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