Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tunesday Tuesday- April

Hey guys! Taking a little procrastination- i mean revision, break to bring you my monthly music post. Running down the chart and giving you a look at the songs I personally have been listening too! Let's have a look at the UK top ten at the moment!

1) See you again- Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth 
this is on the fast and furious soundtrack! I actually thought this was Sam Smith first hearing it, sorry Charlie! This is a really lovely song though, super emotional.
2) Cheerleader- OMI
I love this song actually, it's really catchy, I hear loads of people singing it round school because it's just caught in everyone's heads!
3) Hold my hand- Jess Glynne 
I downloaded this for my trip to Austria and so it reminds me of there, such a feel good uplifting song!
4) Stronger- Clean Bandit
Clean Bandit are so talented I think, I love them so much! they're the type of band i'd love to see live I bet they're fantastic. I love the gospel tone running in this.
5) Jealous- Nick Jonas
I fell in love with Nick when I found out he too loves PB&J sandwhich's. It's really nice to see him having a go at making it as a solo artrist, I was a massive Jbro fan back in the day, me and my sister still listen to all their old songs.
6) Lean on- Major Lazer x Dj Snake 
I like the drum beat that runs through this and the Indian theme, it's really fresh!
7) King- Years and Years
This song has been in the top ten for so long now! It's such a different and unusual song with a really good beat.
8) Firestone- Kygo ft Conrad
Super catchy, I like the lyrics to this too!
9) Sugar- Maroon 5.
Another song that has been in the charts for ages. I can't get enough of the video it's so cute!
10) can't stop playing- Dr Kucho! & Gregor Salto
I actually really like this song, i love beats like these ones they make you want to get up and move!

My Playlist for April:
1) Last Party- Mika
2) Ghostown- Madona
3) Bills- LunchmoneyLewis
4) Warriors- Imagine Dragons
5) Blood Hands- Royal Blood

As always you can find this months playlist and all my other playlists on my youtube channel here!
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Lots Of Love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Penguin Platform givaway! Win a copy of "all the bright places" and a copy of Jennifer Niven's favourite books

Hey guys! I'm really excited to be sharing this with you today. I want to tell you about a new platform set up by Penguin, connecting young people and their love of books! I also get to host a givaway where you can win Jennifer Niven's "All The Bright Places" and a copy of her favourite books which are mentioned in this video!

What the platform is:
"A new online community for people aged 16- 19, where they can share and discover the stories that they love"
Operating through social media, this website includes things like interviews with authors and writing advice for young writers and potential authors out there! Due to the success of YA books, this is a great place to swap and share books that you love and discover new ones out there. As a massive YA novel fan myself, I'm really excited for this and I know that a lot of my readers are too which is why I know you'll love this givaway!

Watch this video about Jennifer Niven's favourite books here to see what books you could win! You have seven days before I close this givaway! Goodluck!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The British Tag

Hey Guys! I haven't posted in a while due to revising and generally feeling a little out of sync with times due to it being Easter holidays and whatnot! After the holidays I will probably be reducing my posts to one post a week instead of my usual three and then in a few months when my exams are over I will be back to my usual posting of one advice post, one whateverthehellifeellike post and one challenge post per week! But until then I will probably be uploading fairly randomly picking and choosing between what type of post I want to do as I do not want to add to my stress!

Nevertheless I felt as though my little blog had been neglected and have seen this post on a few peoples blogs and thought I'd give it ago! So without further ado, here is the "British Tag!"

1) How many cups of tea do you drink and how many sugars? 
I actually don't drink proper tea! I drink lots of herbal tea's, peppermint being my all time fave (I'm drinking one now!) But obvs you don't add sugar to these so no sugar, but in terms of numbers anywhere between 2-5 cups I would say.

2) Favourite part of the roast?
Omg i love roast dinners, I think it has to be the yorkshire pudding. I like to fill it up with gravey and then drink the gravey out of it like a little cup before I eat it. Erm...

3) Favourite dunking biscuit? 
Again I don't dunk buscuits in my tea because herbal tea and biscuits would taste pretty gross (?) fave biscuits though I think are chocolate orange digestives. Sometimes my friend brings in a packet of them and we eat them for breakfast.

4) Favourite quintessentially British past time?
Complaining! Do you think I can put this down? I'm going to put this down. I think I am the worlds biggest complainer.

5) Favourite word?
Cor Blimey!

6) Cockney Rhyming slang?
Can you Adam and Eve it? (Believe it)

7) Favourite sweet?
I like those little bubblegum fizzy sweets shaped like bottles yum.

8) What would your pub be called?
I was researching some crazy pub names and there's a pub called "The bunch of carrots" I laughed for about five minuets but still haven't come up with my own! I think maybe "The Jolly bus" which sounds like a weird name for a pub but my granddad used to own a bus company called the Jolly bus company (it's his surname) and so it would have some family resemblance.

9)  No1 British person? 
Im gonna go for Queen Victoria because she is iconic and I always loved learning about her!

10) Favourite shop/ resteraut?
Hamleys! I love Hamleys so much it's so iconic to London!

11) What British song pops into your head?
I hate to say it but Park Life by Blur

12) Marmite?
No! I retried some literally two days ago because my taste buds have changed a lot this year but unfortunately I couldn't even eat more than a mouthful, still a no from me!

Hope you enjoyed this tag! Feel free to give it a go if you did!
Lots Of Love
Eleanor x

Saturday, 11 April 2015

100 happy days,day 94-100!

Hey guys! I am fresh off the plane from Austria! You better have missed me while I was gone;) I will upload many pics sometime next week and of course the last few days of this challenge features them! I can't believe this challenge is over, more to the point I can't believe 100 days of 2015 has gone by gah.

Day 94- Arriving in Austria! After a long drive into the mountains we arrived at our hotel, this was the beautiful view from the window!
Day 95- Cheeky bicardi and coke! In the hotel we found a cute lil bar that had cocktails and all sorts of various drinks I tried through the week don't you worry;)

day 96- breakfast in a little cafe we found! We found this lovely cafe which we ordered breakfast from which included a hot chocolate, glass of fresh orange and lots of bread with various toppings!
Day 97- Walking around the village! The village was so pretty, with a beautiful view onto the mountains and the hills surrounding.
Day 98- Salzburg! We took a trip into Salzburg which I adored, we visited mozarts house which was interesting and took a horse and carriage ride to look around.
Day 99- Nice weather! I thought I'd missed all the nice weather England had been having for the cold temperatures of Austria but no! On the last few days we too had glorious sun and warmth!
Day 100- Final walk. Final day in Austria and we went on a little walk because it was warm up to the church near us, a lovely ending to a lovely week.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this little section on my blog for the past few weeks! I need to start a new challenge now, any ideas?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Friday, 3 April 2015

100 happy days! Days 89- 93

Hey guys! You probably realised that I'm only uploading five days from my happiness challenge, ie I am putting this up on friday rather than sunday and that's because tomorrow I fly to Austria for a week! I won't be posting at all next week and while I am away it is actually my 100th happy day and the end of this challenge oh my goodness! So I will be uploading all my happy days up to my 100th day when I get back!

Day 89: New bed covers! I finally got my new bed covers put up and they're so pretty! My kitty likes them too! Just waiting for my curtains now!
Displaying 20150330_200238.jpg

Day 90: Fruit. I just adore fruit and these little fruit pots at school make me so happy. 
Displaying IMG_20150331_131015.jpg

Day 91: Yoga. I started yet another yoga program, this ones for beginners and is so fun and relaxing
Displaying Screenshot_2015-04-02-07-57-33-1.png

Day 92: Easter eggs! I love Easter and chocolate, so yummy!
Displaying 20150403_123230.jpg

Day 93: Peanut butter and jam sandwich. These are such a big love of mine and although I'm packing for Austria I still had time for one of these lovelies!
Displaying IMG_20150403_142400.jpg

See you all in a week!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x