Friday, 6 March 2015

Mental Health Awareness March- Trichotillomania

Hey guys! The next illness I want to talk about is Trichotillomania, or Trich. This was actually something I didn't even know existed until last year so I thought it would be good to bring up as many people may be also wondering what this is.

Trich is a compulsive desire to pull your hair out, this includes hair on your head, eyelashes and eyebows. It's an impulsive- control disorder, so a person is unable to stop themselves doing it. This can lead to guilt, shame and low self-esteem as it can often lead to bald patches on the persons head.

This illness acts like an addiction, the more a person pulls their hair, the more they want to continue to do it. In some cases, it may be a form of self harm or in others a way of relieving stress and anxiety and there are close links with OCD.

There are treatments for it although it can be quite difficult to treat, the main way to treat it is to find other ways of releasing stress and tension, replacing it with something that's not harmful to them or an alternative is medication.  The long term effects of it can be bad too, such as permanent hair loss and skin damage and so if you think you or anyone you know has it see a doctor!

If you know anyone or if you yourself suffer from trich and want to add anything or tell us about a personal experience please email me at and I can post it! That way more people can learn.
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