Monday, 2 March 2015


Ahh! You guys I'm so excited for this, to bring back Mental Health Awareness March (now known as Mham) This is nothing official, this is just what I did last year and got thoroughly good reviews from and I had such positive response that I've been waiting a whole year to bring it back. Mental health is something which a lot of awareness has been brought about of late, through social media but there needs to be more continued awareness to be shown and that's what this series is all about. Through the whole of march I will be uploading information about different mental health problems, hopefully to show you some you may not of heard of before or don't know a lot about to help educate you and myself upon them!

But I need your help! If you want to get involved please email me and If you have suffered with mental health issues and you're willing to talk about or you want to raise awareness to, you could tell us what it's like or you could just give facts it's up to you, please get in touch! Of course you can do this completely anonymously if you like. If you have not suffered yourself but would like to do some research on an issue and do a post on them or if you have dealt with relatives/ friends and would like to do one on that or even if you have had no run ins but just really want to learn about something all is fine!

You do not have to be a blogger for this ie you do not have to have an actual blog or anything like that, if you see this shared and you or you know someone who would like to get involved please do or tell them to, there is no restrictions on this in terms of age, where you're from or anything, mental health problems effect all of us no matter who we are.

If you wan't to show support but don't want to do a post, please share this on any social media site, I just really want to get people excited about learning about mental health and the effects and really open people's eyes and the more people that see this the better, plus it only takes a few seconds to copy and paste this to twitter/facebook/tumblr/google+/ instagram. Please use the hashtag mentalhealthawearnessmarch so I can see how many people are supporting me and this little quest.

I hope you decide to join in, I will be uploading two different mental health issues a week and then other people's posts on top so if lots of people get involved we can do four or five posts a week even which will really raise attention which is my aim!

This is running all month on Little Thoughts and there is no specific time you have to email me by, the earlier the better but if you're reading this post and it's half way through March you can still get in touch and talk to me about what you'd like to send me and I'll still upload it, there is no time limit just one whole month! If you have any questions comment or email me but if we work together we can really educate people about this and specific illnesses that are not talked about enough or are not talked about in the right way.I want this to be really positive and supportive and a place where we can all learn new things and bring about change!

Once again guys I hope you decide to join with me and raise awareness for mental health issues,
Lots of Love
Eleanor x


  1. I'd love to take part. X www.katesperks

    1. Awesome! Email me at and we can discuss ideas! 😊 x

  2. mental health awareness is a great topic for information and for Write for us Health