Sunday, 8 March 2015

100 happy days, days 61-67

Hey guys! Taking a break from mental health awareness march to bring you the next week of my 100 happy days!

Day 61: Snow! I woke up Monday morning and found it had been snowing, everything looks super pretty in the snow!
Day 62: Porridge. All week I have been eating porridge for breakfast and I can definitley see the difference, I have much more energy and feel much better, breakfast is so important, it stops snacking later and keeps you full and energised.

Day 63: The girl with the dragon tattoo. I have been wanting to read this for ages and I finally got round to it! Although I've not had much chance to read a lot I'm really enjoying it.
Day 64: Yoga shred challenge. Remember my meditation challenge? well this time it's a 14 day yoga challenge, this is so much fun! I feel really energised afterwards.
Day 65: Lunch in costa! I fancied something different for lunch and went into costa and got a cheese and ham toastie and a skinny caramel latte, yum!
Day 66: New running kit. There was a sale on at sports direct so I bought new running gear! Excited to try them out later!
Day 67: New tea. I have been wanting to try new herbal teas for ages so I bought some green tea and some honey and camomile tea! I'm having the latter this morning and it's so yummy and lovely!
 Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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