Sunday, 22 March 2015

100 happy days! Day 75-81

Hey guys! This is my next 7 days of my 100 happy day challenge! There is a lot of food included in this one haha!

Day 75: Jacket potato's! This is quite a strange one, but jackets are such a comfort food, they're so warming and always fill me up while being really good for you too!

Day 76: Options hot chocolate. I am a massive hot chocolate fan but they can be super fattening and I found a really low calorie hot chocolate that still tastes amazing! Since this I have almost got all the different flavours in a draw upstairs although I have only tried three so far, the original, the mint and the hazelnut. My fave was the mint one! Wasn't a massive fan of the Hazlenut one not gonna lie, but I'm so excited to try the rest!
 Day 77: Creme eggs! Another food post, on wed I had a cheeky creme egg as a morning snack! Easter chocolate is the best!
Day 78: Dancing! This was actually a similar one I did in my 100 happy days a few weeks ago, but ballroom dancing makes me so happy!
Day 79: Cherries. I just adore cherries and I've not had any for ages but I had a few on friday. they're defo my favourite fruit!
Day 80: Nottingham Trent uni applicant day. I wanted to look round because I was thinking of putting it as my insurance choice and it convinced me to! I went into Nottingham and it was quite pretty too!
Day 81: Bath bombs! My dad bought me and my sister a few from lush to keep us going and I'm going to use this one in my bath tonight since its spring!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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