Sunday, 29 March 2015

100 days of happiness! Days 82-88

Hey guys! Here's my next seven days of my 100 happy days challange!

Day 82: Ballet! It's been so long since I went to ballet with one thing or another so it was nice to be back!

Day 83: My cooking. I pretty much consider myself to be a cook at this point, my dinners are on point. 
Day 84: Costa date! Wednesday I had a training day so popped into town to see my boyfriend for a skinny vanilla latte, yum! 
Day 85: New eyeliner. I've wanted to try this for ages, I will do a review on it at some point!
Day 86: relaxing. I spent my friday evening relaxing in bed with a hot chocolate and catching up on youtube videos! 
Day 87: More relaxing! My saturday was spent at my boyfriends watching the back to the future trilogy. I had never seen the second and third ones so I needed to see them!
Day 88: New bed covers and curtains! I choose my new curtains and bedcovers, they're not up yet but they're gold with roses on! So pretty, can't wait for my bedroom to feel like mine properly!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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