Sunday, 15 March 2015

100 days of happiness! days 68-74

Hey guys! Here's the next 7 days in my 100 days of happiness challenge!

Day 68- Running. Last week I bought a new running kit and this week i've been able to get out jogging when the weather has permitted it! Although it's a bit too cold for me at the moment, I can't wait for the summer when I can go often!
Day 69- at by boyfriends gig. I've been to two of my boyfriends gigs this week, one of them was on Tuesday with his ensemble group from college and it was part of his assessment.

Day 70- coffee date with my besite! As we finished early me and my friend went into costa, I got a small skinny gingerbread latte it was so yummy. I'm trying to taste all the latte's and mark them out of ten, I gave this one a six, it was just a tad sweet and I think I prefer the caramel one so far!
Day 71- My cooking. I have been making dinner for the past few weeks as you know and this has been one of my faves so far! Chicken on a bed of salad.

Day 72- Red nose day! I love red nose day its so funny but it does so much good in the world! I wish id tried to collect all the red noses!
Day 73- watching Luke play again! Once again I was my boyfriends groupie, and despite being ill it was a good night!

Day 74- mothers day! I like to keep up traditions by going to church and getting a daffodil to give to my mum and getting her a card and pressies.

Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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