Sunday, 1 March 2015

100 days of happiness day 54-60

Hey guys, here's my next week in my 100 days of happiness challenge!

Day 54- My psychology mock score! I did a lot better in my mock that I assumed!
Day 55- Seeing the script! Omg! They we so good, I adore the script too they're one of my fave bands, was so lovely seeing them in concert!
Day 56- new makeup! I love getting new makeup and this mascara and lipstick are amazing I love them so much!
Day 57- In school super early to work with a mocha! I have become obsessed with moccachinos lately, they're so  yummy and I can get them from school.
Day 58- Cooking. I have been making super healthy yummy foods at the moment and the award for the best this week goes to this haddock crumble! Delish
Day 59- Liverpool! Liverpool university is my first choice and comming back made me realise how much I can't wait to move. I'm incredibly excited for university now having looked around it again, my course looks fantastic and I think I'll really love it.
Day 60- boiled egg! I love boiled eggs, isn't my egg cup just the cutest?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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