Sunday, 22 February 2015

The women I admire

Hey guys! This post is all about women that I look up to and that I admire, women who do amazing and inspirational things!

1) Tegla Loroupe
I actually tweeted about this woman the other day, so those of you that follow me on twitter would have seen it! I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful Tegla is, born in Kenya with 24 siblings and the daughter of a man who had 4 wives and told her that her passion, running, was unladylike like, this woman has to be my number one hero. Despite being told she had to stop running by her father she did not give up on her dream, Tegla quoted "I was so fed up of men, I thought about becoming a nun." She persisted in running and made up with her father although slyly quoted "of course were friends now, everyone wants to be your friend when your successful." Although she was considered too frail she went on to win three half marathon championships. Not only that, but Tegla founded the Tegla Loroupe peace foundation and has been successful in brining members of warring tribes together. She has sought to help many Kenyan woman and give them opportunities and training. Overall, this woman is courageous, kind and selfless and so she is my number one hero!

2) Malala Yousafazi

I think this 17 year old girl is most people's hero and even though she is the same age as me and would be in the same school year as me, I look up to this woman completely and utterly. She is a Pakistani woman's right activist and the youngest ever noble prize laureate. Malala has an amazing back story, she is incredibly brave and strong. She started off as a blogger, working for the BBC telling people of the brutality of the taliban. But she was found and when she was on her school bus, she was shot three times, one going through her forehead. She was taken to Birmingham, and made a miraculous recovery, and even then and now there are people who want her killed. She has spoken all over the world about females rights to education and that is why Malala is one of the woman that I admire.

3) Beyonce
I feel like Beyonce is most people's queen and she is definitely mine. This woman has worked hard over her life to get to where she is now, and she's done it by being fierce, strong and not letting people tell her she's not good enough or that she can't do things. If that wasn't enough, her stance on woman and on feminism is wonderful, she wants equality for all and made a point by coming out on stage with "FEMINIST" written behind her, she has contributed to the ban bossy campaign, supporting woman and leadership.

4) Angelina Jolie
Stylish, compassionate and charitable, Angelina is a household name. She promotes education and woman's rights and has helped many refugees. She also mother of six, three of whom are adopted. Angelina supported her child Shiolah when told that she wanted to be referred to as John. Angelina also took the decision to have a double mastectomy which is brave and scary thing to do, especially as a celebrity whose body has portrayed in the media as being "perfect" but she showed that woman are beautiful no matter what. She has done so much charity work that there is too much to name, including running a children's centre helping children affected by AIDs and tuberculosis.

Who do you think I've missed? I hope I've introduced some powerful women to you and women that deserve recognition for amazing things they've done.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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