Sunday, 8 February 2015

My 18th Birthday!

Hey guys! On Thursday I reached the grand age of 18. It's hard to believe I'm an adult now actually, it seems mental, especially because I still look so young! I had such a lovely day so I thought I'd show you what I got up to during the day and this weekend!

Despite having to go to school on my birthday I actually had a really good day, with plenty of people wishing my happy birthday! Because I get up super early to get the school bus I decided to wait until the evening before I opened my presents. My boyfriend Luke came round and when my parents were in from work we all gathered in the dining room where my presents and cake and streamers were all laid out on the table.
My cake is so delicious oh my goodness, it was made especially for me! Then I opened my presents! Since I picked the ones from my parents out, it wan't much of a surprise but they're just so beautiful,
I also got earings from Luke and a new section of my stacker jewellery box from my sister. I got some other presents from my friend and I am awaiting some still from my aunty. Additionally I got rather a large amount of money from my Grandad which I will be spending some of it on a spa day with my friend in a few weeks! After pressies we had a little while before it was time to get ready to go out! We went to the olive branch, a Greek restaurant. I have been twice before the food is divine! I got grilled lamb and a brownie after, I ate so much I couldn't move!

And of course being 18 means I can legally drink, I celebrated this with a glass of rose wine, it was so lovely!
Here's a picture of me and Luke in the restaurant.
It was such a lovely and heart-warming night, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! But it didn't stop there, the next day Lucy came round for a sleepover and we ate pizza and watched films all night and had a lovely relaxing evening. Then on Saturday, I went to my friend Jay's house with some others and we had a gathering so all in all I've had such a fun few days! Although I have taken a massive breach out of my diet hmm, will have to get back to that Monday!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x