Sunday, 8 February 2015

100 days of happiness, days 33-39

Hey guys! Here's the next week of my 100 happy days challenge!

Day 33: Meditation. I recently started a meditation challenge, it's so much fun and really relaxing it was my new years resolution to get into meditating so I'm hoping this will help me improve!

Day 34: Chicken fried rice. This was so nice! I had cut chicken out of my diet a while ago and it's been so nice to bring it back in, yum!

Day 35: Lighter mornings. This week I have notices such a big difference in the sky! It's so light in mornings. This is a pic from when I arive at school at about 8 and it's usually pitch black. Summer is coming!

Day 36: My birthday! I just did a whole post on what I got up to on my birthday, but I had such a lovely and amazing time, can't believe I'm 18!
Day 37: Pizza film and sleepover with my bestie! stuffed my face and watched films, absolute bliss!
Day 38: After a lazy morning in bed with my friend, I got dressed and went to my boyfriends were we proceeded to go to my friend Jay's for a bit of  a gathering! We played cards against humanity and I was in the lead before I went home, nevertheless my friend Andy took over from me and managed to stay ahead and won for us!
Day 39: For my birthday, Lucy got me this lovely nail polish and it's just the prettiest thing ever! It's models own in the diamond luxe range in the colour oval plum.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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