Friday, 30 January 2015

Little Favourites- Perfumes (own and want)

Hey guys! I wanted to do a little favourites today and since receiving my all time favourite perfume for Christmas, I thought I'd show you all my fave perfumes at the moment, both that I own and that I have on my wish list!

Favourite's that I own.

Viva La Juicy- Juicy couture
I was pining for this perfume for literally so long, it smells so good! It's probably my all time favourite evening perfume, it's super expensive so I can't wear it everyday. Big up to mum and dad for buying me it for chirstmas!

Christina Aguilera- Christina Aguilera
This is one of my stable perfumes, I've been using this regulrarly for a few years now, it's so lovely and has quite an unusual and fresh smell

Royal Desire- Christina Aguilera
Another one of christina's perfumes. My boyfriend bought be this one for christmas and I really love it. Again it's so fresh, this ones a litle sweeter!

Just Pink- Next
A flowery sweet perfume that I love for everyday use! It's quite cheap too which is really good plus the bottle is really cute and feminine.

Wish List;
Jimmy Choo- Jimmy Choo
I spritzed this the other day when I went into boots and omg it's so lovely! Such a subtle fragrence which I wasn't expecting. Really want this now!

Onika- Nicki minaj
I wasn't expecting this to be as nice as it was either. Throughely loved this when I smelt it in the shop, I can't even describe the smell I just remember loving it.

Lola- Marc Jacobs
Another one I'd love if I had the money! Such beautiful packaging and a gorgeous smell!

That's all guys! What are your fave's?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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