Friday, 30 January 2015

Little Favourites- Perfumes (own and want)

Hey guys! I wanted to do a little favourites today and since receiving my all time favourite perfume for Christmas, I thought I'd show you all my fave perfumes at the moment, both that I own and that I have on my wish list!

Favourite's that I own.

Viva La Juicy- Juicy couture
I was pining for this perfume for literally so long, it smells so good! It's probably my all time favourite evening perfume, it's super expensive so I can't wear it everyday. Big up to mum and dad for buying me it for chirstmas!

Christina Aguilera- Christina Aguilera
This is one of my stable perfumes, I've been using this regulrarly for a few years now, it's so lovely and has quite an unusual and fresh smell

Royal Desire- Christina Aguilera
Another one of christina's perfumes. My boyfriend bought be this one for christmas and I really love it. Again it's so fresh, this ones a litle sweeter!

Just Pink- Next
A flowery sweet perfume that I love for everyday use! It's quite cheap too which is really good plus the bottle is really cute and feminine.

Wish List;
Jimmy Choo- Jimmy Choo
I spritzed this the other day when I went into boots and omg it's so lovely! Such a subtle fragrence which I wasn't expecting. Really want this now!

Onika- Nicki minaj
I wasn't expecting this to be as nice as it was either. Throughely loved this when I smelt it in the shop, I can't even describe the smell I just remember loving it.

Lola- Marc Jacobs
Another one I'd love if I had the money! Such beautiful packaging and a gorgeous smell!

That's all guys! What are your fave's?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tunesday- January

Hey guys! Time for my monthly music post, where I count down the top 10 in the charts, show and link to you my own playlist and talk about a less well known artist who I think is a rising star! Without further ado, let's look at the chart this week.

1) Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.
Oh. My. God. I have been loving this song this month! I just adore it so much, it's such a feel good, upbeat song, in my eyes it will overtake the famous Happy by Pharell Williams. For me, this song is a winner.
2) Lips are moving- Meghan Trainor
Another song I'v really been loving this month. Her songs are so fun and dancy and they give a really happy feel when you listen to them like you can do anything!
3) Take me to Church- Hozier
This video is literally heart wrenching omg. I really love the song though it has such a good beat to it and I love the lyrics
4) Wish you were mine- Philip George
This isn't really normally my type of music but it has a really good beat and is super catchy.
5) Up- Olly Murs and Demi lovato
Still love this song, still hyped over seeing my baby olly back!
6) Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran
The chart is so good atm, I'm not even sick of this song yet it's so beautiful.
7) We could be Hero's- Alesso
The video for this is just on point, I really love the lyrics too, once again this chart is just too good.
8) The nights- Avicii
Not heard from Avicii for a while but I've adored his songs and this one is no exception, absolute banger, such a fun uplifing beat!
9) Blank Space- Taylor Swift 
Still love this one too, I just love how she's making fun of her representation in the media, she takes it with a pinch of salt and that's why I love her.
10) Something I need- Ben Haenow
This will never beat one republics version sorry Ben! Want to hear a single by him soon!

My playlist:
1) Sunny Afternoon- The Kinks
2) Baby- Rudimental ft Sinead Harnett
3) The Call- Regina Spector
4) walking disastors- The Wombats
5) Bad Reputation- Avril Lavigne
6) Hanging Tree- Jennifer Lawrence.

You can find my January Playlist and all my other playlists here

Star of the month: Sinead Harnett 
Sinead is a British singer from London. Her voice is quite soulful but with a hint of jazz, very relaxing to listen too! Think a cross between Adele and Jessie Ware. In my plalist you can listen to a song with her and Rudimental which is so catchy and lovely!

See you next month music lovers!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 25 January 2015

100 happy days, days 19-25

Hey guys! Here's the next week on my 100 happy days! This weeks been boring for some days but some days were so much fun and I found something that made me happy every day!

Day 19: Happy Snacking. I love fruit, and little fruit packets such as these just make my life, such a nice healthy snack!

Day 20: Lie in! I love a good lie in, I normally leave the house at around ten past seven and I didn't leave it until a few minuets past eight, absolute bliss!

Day 21: Started a new book. I finally got round to starting the clockwork angel, the first in the infernal devices series, of course it didn't go amiss without a hot choccy with whipped cream and marshmellows!
Day 22: Had the nicest meal ever! Salmon and muscles on a bed of salad, healthy and absolutely delish.
Day 23: Lecture day. On friday I had a day of lecrures on post colonialism and terror. It was so interesting even though I was a little drowsy from my injection that morning. Was a very different kind of day and I loved it!
Day 24: Went shopping, picked out my 18ths presents and bought a few things for myself. Later on I went to Lukes and met the side of his family I haven't met before. His dad is one of 8 so there were so many cousins and aunties and Uncles I was introduced to! I ate so much and played hide and seek with the little children, was meyhem but a lot of fun! Here are a few products I bought that day.
Day 25: Made myself a Banana, Plum and Almond milk smoothie. On detoxing after all the food I ate on saturday! So divine, I love smoothies!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

NYC liquid eye-liner review

Hey guys! Today I wanted to review one of my holy grail products, my usual go to eyeliner. My sister actually gave me this when I ran out of mine and I never looked back. I usually get the colour black but I accidently picked up a slightly shinier one in the colour pearlised black but you can't really tell when I'm wearing it!

It's quite difficult to use however, you have to have an incredibly steady hand, but you can create both thick and thin lines. The stick is quite long, which means it can be quite difficult to control but since I've been putting on eyeliner for years everyday, it's not really a problem for me but I probably wouldn't recommend it for new timers.

This eyeliner lasts all day, I have never had any problems with it fading or peeling off at any point during the day. With a steady hand, it can be easy to create flicks with too. It's highly pigmented and has a smooth application when done correctly. Plus, Megan Fox actually swears by this and if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me!

My favourite thing about it is how cheap it is. It's only £2.49 from superdrug which is a bargain for the quality of the product and amazing if you're on a budget.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product, if you're fairly experienced with eyeliner! But even if you're not I'd still recommend it, you can easily learn how to apply it!

Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Opinions on Zoella's Ghost writing controversy.

Hey guys! Today's little thought is less of an advice one and more of a debate style post which I would normally do on a Friday but this is just a little thought I've been having for a while and wanted to talk about it. Recently, there has been controversy surrounding Zoella (vlogger Zoe Sugg) about her book, when it recently came to light that it has been ghost written. This means that Zoe did not explicitly write the book herself, it was done by another writer, or a team of writers who will have been paid to remain anonymous. I do really like Zoella, I occasionally watch her videos and read her blog and I think she is a very lovely down to earth person but I am not an avid fan, I'm not even subscribed to her so my opinion is by no means bias in anyway.

When I heard she had written a book, I was a little surprised and how quickly she had and how she'd had time. I was also a little annoyed somehow, if the book had been written by anyone but Zoe, it wouldn't have got the attention that it received given that it is purely a teenage book and by no means a masterpiece. However, there are some things you have to keep in mind. From the begging it would never be a masterpiece it was intentionally a teenage book to be read for enjoyment, not to question big idea's in the world and so I suppose when looking at my argument, it's a little pointless to be angry about that. I have never read the book but from what I've heard it's similar to a lot of books in that it's a fun quick easy read, a feel good book and I'm sure I'd really enjoy it, plus it also was written with the intention of helping some people, full of tips for people which as you guys know is one of my aims too and I've always really admired her for what she does.

When news was let out that it was ghost written, I didn't really have an opinion. Lots of authors use ghost writters, James Patterson being the classic example. James Patterson is now not a name, but a label, of a team of writers all working to produce debatable high quality books and fast. However Patterson used to write his own books, we have seen his good penmanship and so arguably it doesn't bother us as much because we know he can write well whereas this is Zoella's first book and she didn't write it herself. Her argument is that she came up with the story line and characters however while this is consolidation to some, I personally think this is not a great argument. It is not very hard to come up with a story line. It's really not, two or three story lines must come to me in a week, story lines that if I wanted to I could write to make very interesting plot lines with interesting characters and coming up with a girl meets boy story is not really taxing. Writing it is the difficult bit, writing and editing and perfecting.

However, overall I really think that complaining about it is pointless. While people see it as unfair that she has a book when so many great writers can't because they don't already have good status, and I do agree, I think you just have to look at it on the surface and see it as a young adult feel good light read that teenagers will probably enjoy and looking into it at a more deep level is not going to reduce the books being sold or take it off the shelf. My opinion of Zoe has not changed at all I do not think it's her fault as she is a label. It is managers and the publishers fault more than anything. I am looking forward to getting round to read the book as I'm sure I will like it.
What do you guys think?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 18 January 2015

100 happy days day 12-18

Hey guys! This is my next week in my 100 happy days! It's been quite a busy week for me this week to be honest so there's quite a lot to see!

Day 12: Ballet shoes! My new soft block shoes are so pretty! I haven't got the ribbons on them just yet I still need to get round to sowing them on but even just putting these on my feet make me so happy!

Day 13: Dance show. I had a little ballet show on this day and just before I went on stage, I realised it was going to be my last ever dance show since I am leaving for university in the summer and probably won't do another one before. Needless to say I was feeling very emotional and after the show when I got a hug off my teacher I burst into tears! I have done ballet since I was 3 years old and had always looked up to the older girls who danced and I realised I am the older girl now and it was just so much to handle, so many memories in my dance hall and I'm very sad to be leaving!
Day 14: Snow! I woke up and found it had snowed overnight! It has recently snowed more but I always get that kiddy excitement when it snows!
 Day 15: I recently started reading the handmaids tale and I love it so much! Plus I walked up to the shops to get myself an innocent smoothie, healthy and so tasty!
Day 16: A chomp bar! Having almost cut chocolate out of my diet in an attempt to be healthy having a small fun sized choccy bar on a friday is a god send!
Day 17: It was my friend's 19th birthday so him and his girlfriend, me and my boyfriend, and another couple all went bowling and then to the pup in town where we met up with others. It was so much fun, my boyfriend tried to teach me to play pool to no avail.At one point in the pub smash mouth all start came on and I have never seen so many people sing that loud!  Anyway here's a slightly drunken picture of me and my boyfriend taken from last night.
Day 18: Today my Aunty and Uncle who I rarely see are coming round to give cristmas presents and as a treat me and dad bought some gorgeous looking buns from wait-rose which I cannot wait to try one!

That's all! Hope you enjoyed this.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Friday, 16 January 2015

My journals and organisation

Hey guys! I promised I'd do a post on my journals and how I organise my blog posts! So one of the main things I use is my a5 notebook which I got in Disney land and I basically use this for everything! I write down any blog idea's in it I write down the books I'm reading, the songs I like, the products I want to review, drafts of posts, it's basically my multi purpose notebook which I just use to keep records of everything I do and it's quite thick so I won't be needing to buy a new one for a while!

When I've written down posts that pop into my head, at the beginning of every month I look at the posts which I would like to write about and then put them into an order in my filofax so that I know when to posts and what I'm doing! I like to do this monthly I just find it a lot easier.

 I have a little key in my filofax which I'll very quickly tell you,
black pen= blog post
green pen=social event
red pen=important date
Highlighted green= fitness goal set
Highlighted anything other= a different goal set
a tick=post completed
an arrow= post date changed
a cross= post decided not to do.
It's quite simple but effective and it helps me keep track of what I'm doing and when!

My next kinda notebook is actually a different one, it has recently become my poem book. I used to write some blog ideas down, sometimes I just write about scenery just to practice writing but most of the time it's little poems scribbled in that come to me. My friend Georgia ( got me this for my 16th birthday and she actually wrote adorable things in the front of it like top ten films or quotes ect and I thought it was just too cute!

For my revision, I use little rip off notes off a pad where I just write down what I need to do on what days to make sure I get it done! My mum brought me this back from London when she went to stay in the house of Lords and got to look round it and stuff and it's so lovely and useful!

And that's pretty much it! Organisation is so important when it comes to setting goals!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How to make 2015 your year! + my own resolutions

Hey guys! I wanted to do a post on my resolutions but last year I know I did a post on how to make your own if you didn't know what to do and so I wanted to talk again about a similar thing. I will get to my own resolutions soon, however my main goal and plan for this year is to "make 2015 my year." This statement is thrown around a lot, without much thought having gone into it, what does it mean?

Well for different people, it means different things. For me personally, making 2015 my year means to feel good and better about myself than last year, to succeed in school and personal goals and to have a sense of achievement come December this year.

However, I think it's more than that. These are fairly bog standered goals, everyone you ask will have similar idea's about what they want from this year. But is it enough just to set these goals? In my personal experience it's not. When setting new years resolutions and wanting to stick to them there comes a danger. A danger of not fulfilling these goals and then feeling shitty about it afterwards. You may have resolved to do really well in school or to loose ten pounds but then when you don't, you feel really bad and sometimes it's over things we can't control. You cannot always control how well you do at school, even if you try super hard and so it's not good to set such generalisable goals. Much better goals are the achievable personal goals for yourself.

But that's not all. What happens when you don't reach these resolutions? To make 2015 truly your year, you need to learn to cope with not meeting your resolutions. Imagine that you made a resolution to make 2015 your year. Everything is going well and then half way through the year something bad happens. You feel like the year cannot then possibly be "your year." so to truly make 2015 good, you need to be able to deal and to cope and to see that just because something bad happens, doesn't mean the year can;t still be yours and you can't still have a good time and be happy.

So remember when making your goals: make them personal, make them achievable and don't worry when you don't achieve them or when something goes wrong.

On the 1st of January I wrote my own list of resolutions and here they are:
1) Get stronger, mentally and psychically, exercise everyday and learn to cope with bad situations
2) Meditate more and do more yoga
3) Finish the book I have been working on
4) Read four more books than last year.
5) drink at least three bottles of water a day
6)  do the best I can in revision and in school.
7) Don't take things to heart so much.
8) step out of my comfort zone more often
9) Speak out in social situations and try to complain less
10) take time to relax.

I hope this has been useful for you to change or consider your own resolutions!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 11 January 2015

100 days of happiness day's 5-11 plus my 100th post!

Hey guys! This is my 100th post on my blog which seems mental that I've done 100 posts! I'm really happy about the posts I've done and I'm really excited for the rest!

As you know I'm doing the 100 days of happiness challenge and uploading a weeks worth on sundays, so nevertheless here's my seven days from monday!

Day 5: Pizza on Mondays! every Monday we have pizza to cheer ourselves up a little, it keeps me going through the week. This Monday we even had a sausage crust one omg it was divine!
Day 6: Coming home after a long cold day at school and getting into my unbelievably soft sheep onise is the one!

Day 7: Only had two lessons so came home super early and went to my friends house, powerpoints are such a fun way to revise they're like my life at the moment. 

Day 8: Back to ballroom dancing! It's been three weeks since I've been I've missed it so much! 

Day 9: Went to see night at the museam three with my family! Omg I love it so much, there may have a been a few tears too. I also had a cheaky pot of popcorn and the rest of my family had nacho's was so yummy but I made sure I worked out hella the next morning to get rid of it all. 

Day 10: My boyfriend Luke came round and we had a wii sesh. I've not been on the wii for so long we went on just dance and Wii sports, I forgot how much fun and how intense it was! Brilliant way to get fit and have so much fun.

Day 11: Painted my nails this gorgeous blue colour from my new set! It's by 17 in the colour "peacock" Love it!

That's all of them up to today! I hope you enoyed it, I recommend you start the challenge it's so much fun!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Friday, 9 January 2015

Plan's for Little Thoughts from Little People in 2015

Hey guys! Towards the end of last year I started to come up with a plan for my blog that I was really happy about. There was a time when I did posts randomly when they came into my head although tried to do one a week. Last year I planned all my posts on the days I did them and this year I am doing the same because I find it really effective to plan. I will do a post all about my organisation in the next few weeks. Initially, my blog was all about helping people, and that was the reason for me blogging and I still really want to keep that up. Since then I have branched out a little to beauty, books and music and more and I really wanted to keep doing that type of post too. So I have come up with a weekly plan of what I'm doing this year!

I will be posting three times a week (hopefully!) Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Tuesdays= little thought days. This are the days I will be doing my usual little posts full of advise and really aimed at helping, motivating and improving your being and self confidence and what things are good for you and some new perspectives on life that may bring something new to you and help you on this rollercoster of life.

Fridays= random days. These will be the days I may review things, just have a chat, a debate, a pinterest board, a little thought or just absolutely anything I feel like doing!

Sundays= challenge days. I am on day 9 of my 100 days of happiness challenge and I'm uploading a weeks worth of days. After, I have a few more challenges such as photography challenges ect ect and so I will be doing these type of ongoing posts on every sunday!

Every final Tuesday of the month will be my tunesday, my music post where I run through the chart and post my own playlists all of which you can find from april last year up until now on my youtube channel here so you never go without music!

I hope you are looking forward to this new line-up as much as me and I hope you continue to read and comment on my posts, it means so much to me!
Love you lots and lots
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My not so great 2014 story

Hey guys! Last year I did a post with pictures and whatnot all about my 2013 and what I got up to and a brief overview of my year. Unfortunately, this year on a whole wasn't really great for me and so I wasn't sure I wanted to do a big post on it because it's always hard to revisit things that didn't go so great. While I did have some lovely moments, I just felt like for me the year was really hard and struggled to get through it sometimes. Basically at the begging of the year I was diagnosed with something, nothing life threatening don't worry I'm not dying! But nevertheless it is a chronic illness that effected my life and mental stability a lot and I found it difficult to cope with the new things that I had to do. This is the first time I've talked about it on here and not many people know and I don't feel comfortable talking about what it is just yet. However, as a result of this it unfortunately really knocked me back quite a few paces and because it's something that effects my everyday life, I have got a lot of anxiety now which I didn't have before this year. I've always been an anxious person but now having to cope with this too, knocked my mental stability out of wack and means that I have to really cope with depressive tendencies and specific anxiety, purely just surrounding this illness. Within that side of things, my year was not great but I am superly trying to get better, I'm eating much more in comparison to the beginning of the year which is a start at least and I am trying not to let it get down on me so much. What it has meant however is that some big social things and being around people that aren't my family or close friends and who don't understand how much this effects what I do really really frightens me, to the point where I can't do them and so while university looms on the horizan I am getting more and more scared. Not so much things like parties or short term things or going to school or talking or socialising to people, they're all fine they're not big issues. But situations where I'm going to have to eat or do unknown things really freak me out. 

However, I realise this is not my usual happy uplifting post but I needed to get it off my chest. It's been around about a year now since by 100 or so doctors trips and diagnosis and I am really determined to get better. While I'll always have to take certain precautions I am so determined to not let this interfere and get in the way of my life any more, I do not want to let it upset me but to fight through it and continue my life as normal. While some things are going to scare me and I won't be able to do just yet, and I really am going to have to take things slowly, one day I am driven that one day I will despite this and I will improve and get better and cope with this and live my life normally and smoothly. 

Lots of Love 
Eleanor x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

100 days of happiness! day's 1-4

Hey guys! I wanted to do this for ages so I finally started it on the first of January, my 100 days of happiness! I will be uploading this every Sunday of the week!

Day 1:  Making my new years resolutions! I will upload a proper post on them in a few weeks!

Day 2: Revision day with Lucy and Danny.

Day 3: Mine and Luke's two year anniversary! We went to frankie and Bennie's and had a lovely meal! 
Day 4: Day catching up on work I didn't do over the holidays.. both blog and school work! oops! As always joined by my babies.

Lots of love 
Eleanor x

All the books I read in 2014

Hey guys! As promised, here's my post on all the books I read in 2014 plus mini reviews on the best and worst and a rating for each however I have not rated some classic books because I feel like I couldn't possibly rate them. Because I was super busy this year with one thing and another I only read 28 books within the whole year and 1 play which is pretty low for me. Nevertheless, in order here they are.

1) Will Grayson Will Grayson- John Green and David Levithan, 7.5/10
2) Paper Towns- John Green, 7/10
3) To Kill a Mocking Bird- Harper Lee, -
4) City of lost Souls- Cassandra Clare,7/10
5) An abundance of Katherine's- John Green, 6/10
6) Still Alice- Lisa Genova, 7/10
7) Let it snow- John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle, 7/10
8) Kneller's Happy campers- Etgar Keret, 8/10
9) The time travellers wife-Audrey Niffenegger, 8/10
10) The Book Thief- Markus Zusak, 8/10
11) Enduring Love- Ian McEwan, 5/10
12) The Road- Cormac Mccarthy,5/10
13) 1984- George Orwell, -
14) Life of Pi- Yann Martell, 6/10
15) Rebecca- Daphne du Maurier, -
16) Brighton Rock- Graham Green, 5/10
17) Exposure- Kathy Reichs, 6.5/10
18) Divergant- Veronica Roth, 8/10
19) Insurgent- Veronica Roth, 7/10
20) Allegiant- Veronica Roth 8.5/10
21) Four- Veronica Roth, 7/10
22) City of Heavenly Fire- Cassandra Clare, 7.5/10
23) Catcher In the Rye- J.D Salinger, -
24) Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austin, -
25) The Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini, 8/10
26) Mindset- Dr Carol Dweck, 9/10
27) The colour Purple- Alice Walker, -
28) Perfume Story of a murderer- Patrick Suiskind, 5/10
29) Macbeth- William Shakespeare, -

Best Books I read this year:
The colour Purple: This is probably my top book this year and so i couldn't really bear to give it a rating. I wasn't sure I would enjoy it at first when I heard the premise, especially because the beginning of it is so dark and has lots of dark things within it such as rape. This book is all amount woman empowerment and I just loved it. I would probably put an age rating on this, probably 16 plus I think there are a lot of bit's where even I couldn't read because it was so upsetting ect and there's a bit of sexual content as well. Also don't read if you're triggered by reading about rape. But in all seriousness this is one of the best books I've read and I'd definitely recommend it.

Mindset: This is the only non fiction book I read this year and oh  my god it's life changing. I read it as extra reading for my psychology course and it teaches all about how to change you're mindset to a more positive one so that you can get better results from all aspects of your life. love!

Worst books I read this year: 
Perfume story of a murder: Despite this one being regarded as almost a classic, I really did not enjoy this book. I thought I would really like it because the story line sounds amazing alone but it didn't seem to "kick off" at any point like I found it quite tedious and boring which is a real shame because I had high hopes for it.

Brighton Rock: Again this one probably a lot of people will be annoyed that I put so low, but I personally just did not enjoy the book. It was difficult to read and I didn't really like any of the characters.

Books that destroyed me:
The book theif: I finished this really late at night, and I cried so much I literally ran into my mums room to tell her what happened, the ending killed me.

Allegiant: Last instalment of the divergent trilogy. I got so into this series and then the ending of it... just omg. I was finishing this off on a late night plane and I was the only one awake just sobbing my heart out.

Best Love story
Time Travellers wife: I adored the love story and the characters in this, although it's a bit of a weepy and nearly made my books that destroyed me, it just had to go in here instead, loved Henry and Clare's romance.

Pride and Prejudice: It had to be.

Strangest book:
Knellers happy campers: Okay so I had to talk about this book. It's so incredibly short and yet so good but so strange. It's about a boy who commits suicide and all people that commit suicide go to a special kind of after life and he looks for his girlfriend who also committed suicide and he ends up meeting these other people who travel with him. there's a film based on it called wrist cutters: a love story, which I've never seen, but this was a really odd book that I'd definitely recommend!

Have you read any of these books this year? What did you think!
Lots of love
Eleanor x