Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The winterlicious tag

Hey guys! I usually do a little thought on Tuesdays but today I wanted to do something different because I didn't really feel like doing the post I originally planed. I decided to do this tag that I found and liked and as it is all to do with Christmas and winter it's super fitting. If you want to do this tag please go ahead it's a lot of fun!

1) Favourite winter nail polish.
I have two faves, they're both quite christmassy the first I'm wearing today, no7 in the stay perfect range in the shade "Milan" and the second is Barry M textured nail effect in the shade "Lady."

2) Favourite Winter Lip Product
I couldn't decide again! My favourites are Revlon lip butter in the shade Macaroon which is a really lovely browny red colour and I also really love blistex intensive moisturiser for those chapped winter lips.
3) Most worn winter clothing piece
This jumper is probably my favourite thing to ever exist, it's so so soft, I wore it today and my friends were just sat stroking it like all day it feels like silk!
4) Most worn winter accessory
I'm not one for accessory really, I'm not a massive jewellery person apart from necklaces but I think my most worn is definitely my winter hat. I got this from the German market and its so comfy and warm for those chilly winds.

5) Favourite winter scents
These have got to be, vanilla, cinimon and the smell of the pine needles on the Christmas tree!

6) Favourite winter Beverage 
Probably hot chocolate although I drink it all the time! I also drink hella buckfizz around this time too.

7) All time fave Christmas movie 
Polar express I think. I cried at this the other day it's so moving!

8) Fave Christmas song
Omg I can't describe how hard this question is! I love all Christmas music, I think probably slade merry christmas everybody just because it's a classic.

9)Fave holiday food/treat
Those little sausages with bacon wrapped on them. I forgot their name. Also even just chocolate, I've cut out all chocolate from my diet so maybe I'll give in on Christmas day as a treat!

10)Favourite chirstmas decoration
I love this decoration we got from disney land. It has such a weird texture and it's so pretty.

11) What's the top of your christmas list?
Not a lot this year, It's mainly surprises! I definitely want this lovely copy of one of my all time fave books the secret garden, and I'd like a new onsie and the new pokemon game!

12) What are your plans for the holidays?
This year my aunty and uncle are coming over, so spending quality time. Catching up on seeing my boyfriend Luke because we only see each other once a week so hopefully see him a little more regularly and celebrate our 2nd Christmas together. Also myself and my two besties are going for a Spa day for my friend's 18th which should be really fun!

Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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