Sunday, 7 December 2014

My favourite things abut Christmas! Little favourites

Hey guys! Today I want to do a Christmas style little favourites! There are so many things I just love about Christmas so I thought I'd show you some of the best!

1) Christmas tree.
On of my absolute fave's are christmas tree's. When I was younger, me and my mum used to go christmas tree looking, we'd walk around our streets and judge all the christmas tree's there. I love decorating the tree too, something which my family, boyfriend and I did last night to the one in our front room! We always get our tree from St Gemma's fair so the money we give goes to an awesome charity too!
2) Advent Calendar.
The most exciting thing about the lead up to christmas is being able to open a little door a day and eat a chocolate. I absolutley adore it and this year I have a divine chocolate one which is not only the nicest chocolate in the world but is also fairtrade meaning I can eat the choc and not feel guilty about the people who have made it. Charity is so important this time of year and I like to make sure what I get I am safe in the knowledge that it's helping others too!

3) Christmas Lights
I love everything pretty and sparkley I love to make sure my house is decorated with lots of it! These star lights are perf.

4) Christmas Films
Where would Christmas be without the films to watch in the cold winter nights! my favourite two are Elf and The Polar Express
. 5) Christingle.
Christingle is a religious traditions involving an orange, sweets red tape and toothpicks! I went to the service yesterday, I love assembling all the parts together, lighting the candle and then getting to eat the sweets!
6) Wrapping Paper.
I love choosing gifts for people and the wrapping it up in lovely coloured wrapping paper! I love seeing what wrapping paper my presents come in too! Just me?
7) Christmas pajamas.
Finally, I adore pj's! I love getting snuggly in bed at night nice and warm and greatfull for not being out in the cold air! I think it's a popular tradition for most to recieve a pair of Christmas pjama's on christmas eve and to wear them on christmas day!
What are you favourite things?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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