Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Feeling alone

Hey guys! This is my Christmas little thought #2 and today I wanted to talk about loneliness. No one likes to be alone at Christmas and so this is quite a fitting topic to talk about. I think we've all had moments where we feel alone or like we don't have anyone to talk to. I always tell people I have five worries that constantly repeat themselves. I have other worries but I have five obsessive worries that don't go away and one of these worries is that no one likes me or I don't have any friends ect ect. For someone else looking at my life, they'd see that this is untrue, I have plenty of friends including a very close friend and my boyfriend so it's not as if I am lacking in companionship and yet I still have this constant nagging and worry. I think that this is common in a lot of people and different stages in their lives, feeling like people ignore them or don't pay attention to them or that people don't really like them for whatever reason. In times like these what is needed as a big hug and a reminder that you are loved and you do have friends and people you can talk to. Just because you feel alone now, doesn't mean you won't always have people to talk to. That's one of the reasons I set up my blog, to make everyone feel welcome and loved and to remind people or tell people how to look at life and themselves in a more positive way.

Unfortunately, sometimes people are truly alone this christmas and it's really important that if you know someone who maybe doesn't have family or anyone to be with, that you look to see what's going on in your community to help them. Churches often put on Christmas lunches and so on so that people are not so alone at this special time of year! Things that are really awesome to do this time of year is the shoebox appeal, filling a shoebox with presents that will be shipped off to a country where they may not get presents.

Wherever you are and whoever you are, I hope you have a wonderful christmas and don't feel alone or like you have no one to talk to, remember sites like blahtherepy can really help! You deserve to have a wonderful time, and remember to keep warm and keep safe! Remember that if you truly feel like no one's there, you have the strength to carry one yourself until you find someone.
Eleanor x

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