Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Pinterest board

Hey guys! How excited are you for Christmas now? Did you wear your Christmas jumper on Friday? I did, seeing everyone in them made me realise just how close Christmas is! At Halloween, I put up my Halloween pinterest board and it got a lot more attention than I thought and since I love pinterest and you do to i thought I'd show you my Christmas one!

Food and Drink

I adore hot chocolate, it's one of my favourite christmas (and summer tbh) drinks ever. There's nothing I love more than settling down with a hot choccy and watching a film or reading, in fact last night me and my sister snuggled down with our hot choccys and watched pride and prejudice! Pinterest is hot chocolate agogo and these were some of my fave's.

Oreo snow pop idea!

Present Idea's
This is such a cute present idea!

Where would Christmas be without Christmas nails!

I love this quote! It's true, all the wrapping paper all over the floor while my cats play with it is one of my favourite feelings, even if it does mean there are no more presents left.

Christmas films are my favourite by a mile. I just bought nightmare before christmas and I'm looking forward to watching that soon!

This picture is so cute, love being snuggled by the fire!

This is a lovely idea if you have children, really make christmas magical!

Finally, my favourite thing on my pinterest board is probably this, as a massive lover of Chirstmas I would probably die if I was proposed to like this!
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Eleanor x


  1. Such a sweet post, really getting me in the festive spirit! If only my boyfriend proposed to me on Christmas Day! <3 xx

  2. Aw thank you, I'm glad it's making you feel christmassy! Haha, it's such a cute little idea putting it into a decoration! xxx