Monday, 29 December 2014

Tunesday Tuesday- December 2014

Hey guys! It's been so long since I posted, I decided to take a little break over Christmas but I will be back from this point onwards and into the new year, with some super exciting posts coming up including what I'm doing on my blog in 2015! Anyway, it's my monthly music post, I'll be running down the charts, showing you my personal playlist and a singer who I think should be more well known!

Top ten in the charts:
1) Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
Michael Jackson is that you?! Another super strong male artist! Turn back in time to 14 year old Eleanor, I was obsessed with Bruno Mars so it's really nice to see him have another no1. Plus this song is unbelievably, well groovy is the word that jumps to mind.
2) Something I need- Ben Haenow 
Winner of the X-factor' first single! I didn't actually watch it, but of what I did see I didn't feel like he should have won personally. However this is a really cute song and you guys know I'm a massive fan of one republic and I hope that he does well unlike other X-factor winners!
3) Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran 
Still in love with this song! Enough said.
4) Blank space- Taylor Swift.
Adore this song too, I love how the video and song really mimics her persona the media have given her. Love the whole album of 1989 honestly!
5) Up- Olly Murs ft Demi Lovato 
Once again, l o v e Olly Murs. Like seriously, one of my all time favourite albums is Right Place Right Time. Plus Demi Lovato is such a hero, perfect duo right? This is a powerful song I love it.
6) Hero's- Alesso ft Tove Lo
This video is a feast for anyone with a fantasy imagination! Although I've heard the song a lot so I'm a tad sick of hearing it the video is awesome!
7) All about that bass- Meghan Trainor 
So lovely to see this song back in the top ten!
8) These days- Take that 
Ah it's good to have take that back into the charts, even if i disagree with the whole tax thing *ahem* nevertheless they are true showmen, golden trio as they now are. This is quite a catchy song like all of theirs, I think I'll get sick of it easily if I hear it a lot though.
9) wrapped up- olly Murs ft Travie Mccoy.
Olly's back again! I think I prefer the one with Demi but this is such a typical happy Olly song!
10) Outside- Calvin harris and Ellie Goulding.
I don't really like this song but I don't really dislike it either, i probably need to listen to it more!

My playlist: 
this month I've been listening to lots of chirstmas songs and lots of fall out boy?? I threw a few of my fave's of each in this plus some other re found songs!
1) Room to breathe- You me at six
2) Avalon- Proffesser Green ft sierra kustabeck
3)Christmas Lights-coldplay
4) A spaceman came travelling- Chris de bourgh
5)The phoneix- fall out boy
6) Light em up- fall out boy
7) crystalized- Melody's echo chamber

Star of the month: Melody's echo chamber
A project by French musician Melody Prochet. Dream like psychedelic rock music that is absolutely gorgeous and so unique and different, unlike any artist this year which is why I've put her as my last star of the year! Definitely check her out!

That's it for this year's Tunesday's! I will be back next year every last tuesday of the month to keep you all updated with musical happenings, new stars and new music to get into!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The winterlicious tag

Hey guys! I usually do a little thought on Tuesdays but today I wanted to do something different because I didn't really feel like doing the post I originally planed. I decided to do this tag that I found and liked and as it is all to do with Christmas and winter it's super fitting. If you want to do this tag please go ahead it's a lot of fun!

1) Favourite winter nail polish.
I have two faves, they're both quite christmassy the first I'm wearing today, no7 in the stay perfect range in the shade "Milan" and the second is Barry M textured nail effect in the shade "Lady."

2) Favourite Winter Lip Product
I couldn't decide again! My favourites are Revlon lip butter in the shade Macaroon which is a really lovely browny red colour and I also really love blistex intensive moisturiser for those chapped winter lips.
3) Most worn winter clothing piece
This jumper is probably my favourite thing to ever exist, it's so so soft, I wore it today and my friends were just sat stroking it like all day it feels like silk!
4) Most worn winter accessory
I'm not one for accessory really, I'm not a massive jewellery person apart from necklaces but I think my most worn is definitely my winter hat. I got this from the German market and its so comfy and warm for those chilly winds.

5) Favourite winter scents
These have got to be, vanilla, cinimon and the smell of the pine needles on the Christmas tree!

6) Favourite winter Beverage 
Probably hot chocolate although I drink it all the time! I also drink hella buckfizz around this time too.

7) All time fave Christmas movie 
Polar express I think. I cried at this the other day it's so moving!

8) Fave Christmas song
Omg I can't describe how hard this question is! I love all Christmas music, I think probably slade merry christmas everybody just because it's a classic.

9)Fave holiday food/treat
Those little sausages with bacon wrapped on them. I forgot their name. Also even just chocolate, I've cut out all chocolate from my diet so maybe I'll give in on Christmas day as a treat!

10)Favourite chirstmas decoration
I love this decoration we got from disney land. It has such a weird texture and it's so pretty.

11) What's the top of your christmas list?
Not a lot this year, It's mainly surprises! I definitely want this lovely copy of one of my all time fave books the secret garden, and I'd like a new onsie and the new pokemon game!

12) What are your plans for the holidays?
This year my aunty and uncle are coming over, so spending quality time. Catching up on seeing my boyfriend Luke because we only see each other once a week so hopefully see him a little more regularly and celebrate our 2nd Christmas together. Also myself and my two besties are going for a Spa day for my friend's 18th which should be really fun!

Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Pinterest board

Hey guys! How excited are you for Christmas now? Did you wear your Christmas jumper on Friday? I did, seeing everyone in them made me realise just how close Christmas is! At Halloween, I put up my Halloween pinterest board and it got a lot more attention than I thought and since I love pinterest and you do to i thought I'd show you my Christmas one!

Food and Drink

I adore hot chocolate, it's one of my favourite christmas (and summer tbh) drinks ever. There's nothing I love more than settling down with a hot choccy and watching a film or reading, in fact last night me and my sister snuggled down with our hot choccys and watched pride and prejudice! Pinterest is hot chocolate agogo and these were some of my fave's.

Oreo snow pop idea!

Present Idea's
This is such a cute present idea!

Where would Christmas be without Christmas nails!

I love this quote! It's true, all the wrapping paper all over the floor while my cats play with it is one of my favourite feelings, even if it does mean there are no more presents left.

Christmas films are my favourite by a mile. I just bought nightmare before christmas and I'm looking forward to watching that soon!

This picture is so cute, love being snuggled by the fire!

This is a lovely idea if you have children, really make christmas magical!

Finally, my favourite thing on my pinterest board is probably this, as a massive lover of Chirstmas I would probably die if I was proposed to like this!
I hope you enjoyed this post! Follow my pinterest for a follow back and to see my other boards. Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Feeling alone

Hey guys! This is my Christmas little thought #2 and today I wanted to talk about loneliness. No one likes to be alone at Christmas and so this is quite a fitting topic to talk about. I think we've all had moments where we feel alone or like we don't have anyone to talk to. I always tell people I have five worries that constantly repeat themselves. I have other worries but I have five obsessive worries that don't go away and one of these worries is that no one likes me or I don't have any friends ect ect. For someone else looking at my life, they'd see that this is untrue, I have plenty of friends including a very close friend and my boyfriend so it's not as if I am lacking in companionship and yet I still have this constant nagging and worry. I think that this is common in a lot of people and different stages in their lives, feeling like people ignore them or don't pay attention to them or that people don't really like them for whatever reason. In times like these what is needed as a big hug and a reminder that you are loved and you do have friends and people you can talk to. Just because you feel alone now, doesn't mean you won't always have people to talk to. That's one of the reasons I set up my blog, to make everyone feel welcome and loved and to remind people or tell people how to look at life and themselves in a more positive way.

Unfortunately, sometimes people are truly alone this christmas and it's really important that if you know someone who maybe doesn't have family or anyone to be with, that you look to see what's going on in your community to help them. Churches often put on Christmas lunches and so on so that people are not so alone at this special time of year! Things that are really awesome to do this time of year is the shoebox appeal, filling a shoebox with presents that will be shipped off to a country where they may not get presents.

Wherever you are and whoever you are, I hope you have a wonderful christmas and don't feel alone or like you have no one to talk to, remember sites like blahtherepy can really help! You deserve to have a wonderful time, and remember to keep warm and keep safe! Remember that if you truly feel like no one's there, you have the strength to carry one yourself until you find someone.
Eleanor x

Sunday, 7 December 2014

My favourite things abut Christmas! Little favourites

Hey guys! Today I want to do a Christmas style little favourites! There are so many things I just love about Christmas so I thought I'd show you some of the best!

1) Christmas tree.
On of my absolute fave's are christmas tree's. When I was younger, me and my mum used to go christmas tree looking, we'd walk around our streets and judge all the christmas tree's there. I love decorating the tree too, something which my family, boyfriend and I did last night to the one in our front room! We always get our tree from St Gemma's fair so the money we give goes to an awesome charity too!
2) Advent Calendar.
The most exciting thing about the lead up to christmas is being able to open a little door a day and eat a chocolate. I absolutley adore it and this year I have a divine chocolate one which is not only the nicest chocolate in the world but is also fairtrade meaning I can eat the choc and not feel guilty about the people who have made it. Charity is so important this time of year and I like to make sure what I get I am safe in the knowledge that it's helping others too!

3) Christmas Lights
I love everything pretty and sparkley I love to make sure my house is decorated with lots of it! These star lights are perf.

4) Christmas Films
Where would Christmas be without the films to watch in the cold winter nights! my favourite two are Elf and The Polar Express
. 5) Christingle.
Christingle is a religious traditions involving an orange, sweets red tape and toothpicks! I went to the service yesterday, I love assembling all the parts together, lighting the candle and then getting to eat the sweets!
6) Wrapping Paper.
I love choosing gifts for people and the wrapping it up in lovely coloured wrapping paper! I love seeing what wrapping paper my presents come in too! Just me?
7) Christmas pajamas.
Finally, I adore pj's! I love getting snuggly in bed at night nice and warm and greatfull for not being out in the cold air! I think it's a popular tradition for most to recieve a pair of Christmas pjama's on christmas eve and to wear them on christmas day!
What are you favourite things?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Compassion - treat yourself better

Hey guys! Happy december! Are you getting into the christmassy spirit? I know I am, It's definitely never too early to start listening to Christmas songs and that's what I'm doing now, I just get so excited! Because it is the lead up to Christmas, I thought this month I'd make all my posts christmassy, so although I'm not doing a post a day, I'm still going to do my Christmas little thoughts and my random Friday posts are going to be Christmassy too, including a cheeky foodie Friday and a look at my favourite Christmas things and Christmas pinterest board!

For my first Christmas little thought I wanted to talk about a really old fashioned word, compassion, This is not something that is heard of a lot and it would be seemed really strange to use it within a conversation. The definition of compassion is "sympathetic pity and concern for the suffering and misfortunes of others." But what about yourself? Do you ever take concern for your own personal suffering? While you don't want to have too much pity on yourself as to all you think about are your own worries, sometimes we do not take any pity, but instead get angry at our mistakes. Nowerdays because of how society is built, we are constantly pushing ourselves, constantly forcing ourselves to do better or be better. But we never really take time to praise ourselves or tell ourselves that what we did was good. I know that for me personally, when I do bad or good in an exam, I ask myself why didn't I do better, even if I got an A, I ask why wasn't it an A*? I think this is so common, we never take time to think, "wow I did really well on this."

Another thing i do, I'm not sure if this is common, but when I do do well at something, my automatic response is "It's a fluke." Even if I worked really hard. It's like we don't want to raise our hopes up. As it's coming up to Christmas we can put real stress on ourselves, getting things sorted, mock exams and real exams, sorting the family out ect. Often we don't reward ourselves or remind ourselves that actaully what we did was good. When we do something wrong, we criticise ourselves, but when we do something good, we don't really praise ourselves. This Christmas, let's all remember to have compassion for ourselves, remember to praise ourselves and have pity on our sufferings, and not get angry at ourselves, remembering everyone makes mistakes and it's okay to fail at somethings, or not send a card off or time, or get a present wrapped on time. Remember it's okay to treat yourself once in a while, don't feel guilty for having extra turkey at Christmas!

Lots of Love
Eleanor x