Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tunesday Tuesdays

Hey guys! This is my monthly music post where I run down the to 10 of the charts and discuss an upcommer or a singer I think should be more popular! I also run down my own playlist that I've been listening to! Bit of a belated tunesday as it should have been last week but never mind! Here's the top ten this week.

1) Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran
I am such a massive fan of Ed Sheeran and so I adore this song, it's so sweet and actually makes me well up a little. Plus how amazing is the girl in the video at dancing! It's fantastic. Ed is a lyrical genius.
2) All about that bass- Meghan Trainor
Okay everyone knows my feelings on this song. So glad it's still in the charts, wonderful message and such a catchy song!
3)Shake it off- Taylor Swift 
One of my favourite songs at the moment, makes me want to dance whenever I hear it.
4)Bang Bang- Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Ariana Grande
This song grew on me a lot and I've really been liking hearing it on the radio, again another great dance around your room song!
5) Don't tell em- Jeremih 
This isn't really my type of music and I love pretty much every genre of music you can tell that from my playlists! But this isn't something I'd rush out to buy to or listen to on Youtube, but for people who are into this type of music then I'm sure you find it great!
6) Wicked Games- Parra for Curva ft Anna Naklab 
This song came out august last year, I'm super surprised to see it in the charts, it's such a good beat though and I love the lyrics.
7) Steal my girl- One Direction
It seems like ages since they've had a new song out! I'm actually not much of a fan of this song yet but it might grow on me! I'm not their biggest fan but I definitely don't hate the boys and I dance around my room to their songs when I think no ones there, but at the moment I've not got great feelings about this song.
8)Bump and Grind 2014- Waze & Odyssey & R Kelly 
I hear this song everywhere, that opening though! Again I probably wouldn't listen to this unless it was on the radio but the video is really amusing.
9) Blame- Calvin Harris 
I quite like this song, I don't love it or hate it but I disagree with the video it really annoys me for some reason.
10) I'm not the only one- Sam Smith
Love Love Love. One of my fave songs at the moment.

My October Playlist:
Centuries- Fall out Boy
What is Love- Kiesza
God only knows- BBC music (this is hella celebs singing, including Lorde and Paloma faith)
Blame Me- The Pretty Reckless
The Outsider- Marina and the Diamonds
Did you hear the rain? - George Ezra
Figure it out- Royal Blood

If you want to see all my playlists including this one you can find them here

Star of the month- Kiesza
Everyone has heard of Kiesza by now. With her break through song hideaway this girl has been showing us she can sing and has some good dance moves! I have found some really amazing covers done by her including the one that's in my October playlist! We are going to be seeing a lot more from her!

What have you been listening to this month? What do you like that's in the charts at the mo?
See you next month for the next one
Lots of Love
Eleanor x


  1. Love this post! Such a good idea! Love all of them tracks too! X

  2. These are all on my favourites playlist at the minute! Haha, also just letting you know that today my favourite blogs post went up… I'll leave the link here….http://pinkcupcake7.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/favourite-blogs-of-month.html