Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Relaxation is the secret to success

Today's little thought is about relaxation and the importance of relaxing. We're told constantly by media even schools and parents that we need to work work work. I find that when I try and relax, I'm constantly feeling guilty about not doing any work and so my relaxation time is ruined as I'm never fully relaxed. I think this is a really common problem in today's society where we're constantly made to feel like we should be being productive 24/7.

But is this helping? It's actually been found that the more you try and multitask or the more unreachable goals you set yourself, the less work you get done. It's far more effective to have little breaks and fully relax in-between work. Taking breaks also makes you feel much more productive, as you have spaced out little times for you to have a breather and you'll find grades improve.

Not only in school and work is taking breaks to relax important. It's always a good idea to take maybe a Sunday off for a walk around the park, especially with family. Family time is really important, which is saying a lot from a 17 year old who spends most of her time finding ways to get out of being with the family. But when I do spend time with them, it's always so rewarding I think and brings you closer together. It's really important to spend time and keep connections with friends and family too and you'll find the differences in your every day happiness levels. 

We're all guilty of being stressed, sometimes I get so stressed I end up doing nothing because all I can think about is how stressed I am and for this reason it's so important to schedule little breaks. Going for a walk or to play an instrument or feed the cat (or yourself!) anything to get you away from your desk and millions of papers that litter it. 

So I set a little task for you all, and that is tomorrow remember to put in some rest time, even if it's just having a cup of tea watching TV for fifteen minuets just remember to take time to breathe.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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