Sunday, 30 November 2014

Divergent Trilogy Book review

Hey guys! So I promised I'd do another book review and this triology is one that I've wanted to do a review on for a while. I read the trilogy on holiday this year, and on the plane back from Tenerife at about 1 am, I read and finished the final instalment of the trilogy, Allegiant, and sobbed my little heart out.

Quick Overview (no spoilers) 
For those of you who don't know, the Divergent trilogy is about a society set in the future, what we assume to be a post apocalyptic future. In order to keep peace within this society, people are split up into five sections based on their personalities. Amity which is for kind people, Candor, which is for truthful people, Abnegation, which is for selfless people, Dauntless which is for brave people and Erudite which is for smart people. When people turn 16, they must choose which division to be apart of, most people stay in the one they were born but some move, these people are often looked down on by the divisions. Most people belong to one of these divisions, but some people do not have one particular personality and these people are the Divergent, these people are often hunted down by the society, viewed as a threat by them.

Characters. (a few minor and unimportant spoilers)
The main Character of the Divergent series is Beatrice Prior (Tris) who is a divergent. I did like tris as a main character, I think it's impossible not to compare her to Katniss and Tris is a bit more human somehow at the beginning of the series anyway, she loves and she feels like she doesn't belong which is something we can all relate to. As the trilogy progresses however, she seems to loose a lot of this becoming more like a solider and more unrelatable and some of her decisions I felt were a bit stupid (something I feel often with the protagonist of YA novels.) I liked the character of Four he is one of my favourite characters I think, I despised Caleb and have mixed feelings about Peter. I also really liked Christina, Zeke and Uriah.

Okay so in the first book, Divergent the love story between Tris and Four really annoyed me. I actually really hated all the love bits in this book. I am not a one for love stories anyway and since this book had so much going on, a really strong plotline, I was really pissed off that Roth decided to bring in a love story, I really wanted to discover more about this new world and the whole love thing really desecrated it and I actually almost put the book down. I really liked how in the Hunger games the love thing was really put off by Katniss and I just didn't enjoy how it was a main part of this story and I think it should have been at least put off until book two. Having said that, when it came to the third book, I understood why Roth decided to include the love story and since Four became a likeable character it really added to the sadness at the end of the book. (not gonna spoil that one for you but those of you who have read it will know what I mean)

Plot line (no spoilers)
I really loved the interesting plot lines and each book brought a new kind of conflict and a new spin which I often got confused by but I really enjoyed. The book definitely kept me on edge and I read the whole trilogy in thee days because I just couldn't leave it alone it was so exciting. At first I thought it would be too similar to the hunger games and I deterred from reading the book for ages because I was worried I wouldn't enjoy it. But it's actually very different to the hunger games, and although has a similar conspiracy theory idea running through it, it was actually a very different story line about very different people. I would recommend reading the book if you've seen the film because it's vastley different. I really enjoyed the film but it misses out some important characters and it's often not clear on who is who in the film so definitely read the books.

Overall I give these books 8/10

My next booky post will not be until after new year, when I will be running down all the books I read in 2014 and talking about the best and worst so look out for that! What did you think of the Divergent Trilogy?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tunesday Tuesday- November

Hey guys! It's time for my monthly music post, I will be running down the charts and then showing you my own personal playlist I've been listening to this month. Plus as always I will be introducing you to a new star or rising star. So let's have a look at the top ten tracks at the moment.

Top 10- UK Chart

1) Do they know it's Christmas- Band Aid 30 
I loved the original of this song it's one of my favourite chirstmas song ever and I personally think it's a bit strange they choose to do the same song, I think they could have made a new one because this one already has been done by great singers of the 80's and like me people really loved the original and I don't think we needed an up to date version or two versions of the same song. Having said that this song does have lots of really good singers in, some of my fave and I really love the good message and intentions behind it, my only argument is I think they should have come up with a new one.
2) Real love- Clean Bandit and Jess Glyne 
One of my favourite combo's of artists. I think we all had high hopes when we heard this for the first time and I really liked it plus how gorgeous is Jess looking in the video! She has such a powerful voice and I think she's really talented.
3)Wrapped up- Olly Murs
My baby is back! I have missed you Olly! As always i really like this song just as I loved his last album, one thing I have to say though is that it's very similar to all his other songs hmm, I'm onto you Olly.
4)Thinking out Loud- Ed Sheeran
This is one of my favourite songs at the moment I adore it, it's so cute, Ed is a lyrical genius.
5) Dangerous- David Guetta
The video for this song is mental, it's just one F1 race which is nice and fitting for the races on at the moment. I feel like we haven't had anything from Guetta for ages and I really like this song, I just need to find a copy of it without the video!
6) Steal my girl- One direction. 
This one has quite an amusing video too. I'm not sure this has grown on me fully yet though, I still feel like it's going to pick up pace suddenly and it just doesn't.
7) Wake me up- Gareth Malone's all star choir
Who else saw this on children in need? It was so funny, i can't really rate this in terms of how good it is because none of the celebrities can really sing but it has really good intentions and I do thinking Gareth did a good job.
8) 6 words- wretch 32
This is a really lovely song, I like wretch 32's voice and style, it's quite slow but It's really sweet.
9) Blank Space- Taylor Swift
Okay I have been shamelessly listening to this song all month! I'm not even a massive fan girl of Taylor but I just love this song, I'm so excited for her new album too!
10) Outside- Calvin Harris ft Ellie Goulding 
I was excited for another Calvin Ellie combo and I think this song only came out a week ago or at least the video did. I've not heard it a lot and I think as I hear it more I'll start to really like it but what I've heard of it so far I really like it.

My Playlist
So this month I have been listening to a lot of Of Monsters and Men and a lot of Passanger mainly so I selected songs of their's I've been listening too and also a few new songs that I think are going to make it big, including a song by Kacy Musgraves who was a winner of a country award and this song has a really great message in that will have you dancing you you should listen to that!

1) No One's Here To Sleep- Naughty Boy ft Bastille
2)Follow your arrow- Kacy Musgraves
3)Love love Love- Of monsters and men
4)wake up call- Nothing But Theives
5) Scare away the dark- Passanger
6) Jealous- Laberinth (one to watch)
7) Fire Breather- Laurel

Star of the month: Laurel 
 My star of the month for November is a 19 year old girl from south England called Laurel. I would describe her style as haunting and seductive and she has been compared to great artists such as Lorde and Lana del ray. Her new album is self produced and she was classically trained singer, she's a very talented lady. Definitely check her songs out I think if you are a fan of Lana Del Ray you'll like her!

There we go guys! Next month as it is December I'm sure there will be a few Christmas songs thrown in there and I may make a special Christmas playlist. Remember you can find all my playlists including my November one here at my YouTube channel.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Relaxation is the secret to success

Today's little thought is about relaxation and the importance of relaxing. We're told constantly by media even schools and parents that we need to work work work. I find that when I try and relax, I'm constantly feeling guilty about not doing any work and so my relaxation time is ruined as I'm never fully relaxed. I think this is a really common problem in today's society where we're constantly made to feel like we should be being productive 24/7.

But is this helping? It's actually been found that the more you try and multitask or the more unreachable goals you set yourself, the less work you get done. It's far more effective to have little breaks and fully relax in-between work. Taking breaks also makes you feel much more productive, as you have spaced out little times for you to have a breather and you'll find grades improve.

Not only in school and work is taking breaks to relax important. It's always a good idea to take maybe a Sunday off for a walk around the park, especially with family. Family time is really important, which is saying a lot from a 17 year old who spends most of her time finding ways to get out of being with the family. But when I do spend time with them, it's always so rewarding I think and brings you closer together. It's really important to spend time and keep connections with friends and family too and you'll find the differences in your every day happiness levels. 

We're all guilty of being stressed, sometimes I get so stressed I end up doing nothing because all I can think about is how stressed I am and for this reason it's so important to schedule little breaks. Going for a walk or to play an instrument or feed the cat (or yourself!) anything to get you away from your desk and millions of papers that litter it. 

So I set a little task for you all, and that is tomorrow remember to put in some rest time, even if it's just having a cup of tea watching TV for fifteen minuets just remember to take time to breathe.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Witch Concealer stick review

Hey guys! So today I wanted to show you my absolute holy grail product and the product that has been in the longest in my make-up case. I have literally used this product since I was twelve, since I just started to use make-up and have used it almost ever day for the past five or six years. The concealer is a little sick and I'll show you a swatch here.

This product has special spot fighting ingredients and so can be used directly on spots to cover them and also reduce them and not clog up skin like a lot of concealers. I think that's why I was so drawn to this product as when I first started out with make-up I didn't want anything to be bad for my skin, so I would just use this on my face without any foundation or anything, just simply to cover up blemishes.

One downside of this product however is that it only comes in one shade. This shade is also quite orangey so I have to make sure it's blended in really well and that it doesn't look really orange. Also clearly there isn't a shade for people with darker skin (although they do do the witch tinted moisturiser in different shades and there is one for dark skin and that also fights spots and can be used as a foundation.) It's about five pounds and lasts a fair old while so I don't think it's too expensive and I've found a few shops where I can get it for about three pounds.

The texture of this product is really nice too, it's creamy and rubs in well into my skin! I do think that this product is not as heard of as it should be especially as it's really good quality product and is a really staple concealer that I always keep in my handbag or on my make-up table.
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Hey guys! I apologise for the above gif, it just really made me laugh and brings me nicely (kinda) onto my little thought for this week which is about judging people and judgements.

I think basically everyone makes judgements of other people, it's impossible not to, whether they're good, bad or indifferent everyone judges everyone without even meaning to be horrible or a "judgemental" person. I, as best as possible, stop myself from making judgements based on a first meeting or even a first glance at someone which is definitely something that I have been working on. Now when I meet people I can pretty much shake any negative labels out of my head and focus on getting to know this person.

Labels and judgements often stick to a person too. If a person is labelled negatively often others will treat this person bad, even if the person has never given them any reason too.  Even sometimes without realising you're doing it, if your class/group dislike someone even if you don't, you find yourself acting differently than what you may have otherwise done. I think it's so important to realise how you're acting and then to remember that a person does not deserve to be labelled or judged in any way and to act towards them as you would any other person. It's so easy to fall into the trap of, "No one else likes her." or "No one talks to him." because they're not excuses. People have different pasts and experiences but that is definitely no reason to come up with a set of personalities for this person without meeting them. Just because someone made a mistake in the past doesn't mean you are allowed to judge that person (unless obvs it was something horrendous like mass murder but you get what I mean.) You've done silly things too remember, they're not the only ones.

Remember that you don't want to be judged or labelled and other people don't too. Don't encourage judgements either within your friendship groups or at work and definitely don't add to them. You never know, if you take the time to get to know them, you may find yourself a new friend! Never listen to someone gossiping about someone else and take their word that it's true or that a person is actually like that. I always love that quote, "What Susie says of Sally, says more about Susie than Sally."
See you later guys! Love you lots and lots
Eleanor x

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Keep calm and carry on

Hey guys! Todays little thought is centred around the quote keep calm and carry on. I think this is probably the most well known saying or slogan, it's posted pretty much everywhere, in shops, in schools, in houses, on cushions and yet I never really properly thought about it until the other day.

Despite having seen this at least once a week from about birth, it never made sense to me, the quote had no relevance to my life and so I never took the message in. Sometimes things are like that, they don't speak to us until they strike a cord in our lives and this is definitely one of those times.

As a slightly renowned drama queen I lack this ability, to be able to keep calm in a situation and to carry on. My mum on the other hand is amazing at this, she manages to keep a calm head in disaster and know what to do and then to realise not to dwell on what happened and to carry on. I, tend to kick up a screaming fuss when things go wrong and dwell on it for months until I'm too exhausted to carry on. This is definitely something I'd like to change about myself and for this reason, this quote has become important to me.

So who are you more like? My calm, straight thinking mother or myself, a slightly over dramatic panicy mess. To give an example the other day my water bottle spilt in my bag and my notes got wet and after being dried, the pages are all fat and messy. Having found this just after I got off the bus, I burst into tears and I had to actually lie down for a bit, when in reality I knew the notes anyway, they were still legible and I could copy them up.

 Everyone has silly moments like this when they think things are the end of the world and they look back on things and laugh at how dramatic they were being and I think it's really important in those moments to just breathe, keep a calm head and carry on and this is definitely something I am working on.

Although I'm sure I'll have moments like this all through my life as it seems to just be the way I am, I'm seeing a difference in what I'm doing thanks to meditations and remembering quotes just like this, that remind us to get our  shit together and remember to keep our head up high and carry on, life's too short to get bogged down by the little things.

Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tunesday Tuesdays

Hey guys! This is my monthly music post where I run down the to 10 of the charts and discuss an upcommer or a singer I think should be more popular! I also run down my own playlist that I've been listening to! Bit of a belated tunesday as it should have been last week but never mind! Here's the top ten this week.

1) Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran
I am such a massive fan of Ed Sheeran and so I adore this song, it's so sweet and actually makes me well up a little. Plus how amazing is the girl in the video at dancing! It's fantastic. Ed is a lyrical genius.
2) All about that bass- Meghan Trainor
Okay everyone knows my feelings on this song. So glad it's still in the charts, wonderful message and such a catchy song!
3)Shake it off- Taylor Swift 
One of my favourite songs at the moment, makes me want to dance whenever I hear it.
4)Bang Bang- Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Ariana Grande
This song grew on me a lot and I've really been liking hearing it on the radio, again another great dance around your room song!
5) Don't tell em- Jeremih 
This isn't really my type of music and I love pretty much every genre of music you can tell that from my playlists! But this isn't something I'd rush out to buy to or listen to on Youtube, but for people who are into this type of music then I'm sure you find it great!
6) Wicked Games- Parra for Curva ft Anna Naklab 
This song came out august last year, I'm super surprised to see it in the charts, it's such a good beat though and I love the lyrics.
7) Steal my girl- One Direction
It seems like ages since they've had a new song out! I'm actually not much of a fan of this song yet but it might grow on me! I'm not their biggest fan but I definitely don't hate the boys and I dance around my room to their songs when I think no ones there, but at the moment I've not got great feelings about this song.
8)Bump and Grind 2014- Waze & Odyssey & R Kelly 
I hear this song everywhere, that opening though! Again I probably wouldn't listen to this unless it was on the radio but the video is really amusing.
9) Blame- Calvin Harris 
I quite like this song, I don't love it or hate it but I disagree with the video it really annoys me for some reason.
10) I'm not the only one- Sam Smith
Love Love Love. One of my fave songs at the moment.

My October Playlist:
Centuries- Fall out Boy
What is Love- Kiesza
God only knows- BBC music (this is hella celebs singing, including Lorde and Paloma faith)
Blame Me- The Pretty Reckless
The Outsider- Marina and the Diamonds
Did you hear the rain? - George Ezra
Figure it out- Royal Blood

If you want to see all my playlists including this one you can find them here

Star of the month- Kiesza
Everyone has heard of Kiesza by now. With her break through song hideaway this girl has been showing us she can sing and has some good dance moves! I have found some really amazing covers done by her including the one that's in my October playlist! We are going to be seeing a lot more from her!

What have you been listening to this month? What do you like that's in the charts at the mo?
See you next month for the next one
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 2 November 2014

My trip to London- Part 2, M&M factory, Poppies and Wicked!

Hey guys, this is my continued trip from my last post!

Day 3- Tuesday
On Tuesday we woke up nice and early and had breakfast in the hotel (pancakes and mayple syrup, yum.) We then took the half an hour train into the centre of London and the tube to Tower Bridge to see the poppies in the tower of London! It was incredibly busy and so I was chuffed to bits with my photo (the perks of being small enough to squeeze through the crowds and get to the front, see being 4ft 11 does have it's uses...) 
It was a really moving sight to see all of the poppies representing all of the soldiers and I was so glad we had been in London and able to see them! 
After we had seen them it was time to do the inevitable, go shopping! First off M&M factory! For those of you that haven't heard of this, it's a huge place with lots of M&M' merch where they make the M&M's. They pump chocolate sent through the building so wherever you are it smells delicious!
I was so happy with my buys, a pupkin shaped box with M&M's in and a personalised London M&M mug! 
We moved on to other shops such as hamleys where I got my nail painted like Frankenstein's monster, MAC and chocky wocky do da.  
How fantastic are those cakes? Absolute heaven. We also stopped in this lovely little coffee shop, I had peppermint tea and rocky road cake. The tea came in a midsummers night dream mug which I fell in love with, my mum had a Romeo and Juliet one too! I want those mugs so bad!
After more wandering and a lots more buys, it was time for a cheeky Mcdonalds and the moment I had been waiting for all day. It was time to see Wicked! I was so excited and the preformance was unbelievable, none of us have stopped singing defying gravity since and if you ever have the chance to see it i would definitely recommend!

We then had an hour to kill before the last train back to the hotel and so we had a wander around green park and Buckingham palace way and the London Eye. 
After a little drink in pret a manger we got the half eleven train home and into bed, absolutely exhausted and aching like hell but had a fantastic busy day!

Day 4- Wednesday
This was the day we were leaving, but we decided to have a last trip into London. Unfortunately though on our last day it rained after having two days of lovely sunshine. As you can see by Heather and Dad's tiredness on the train, we were still exhausted from the day before!

After a quick shop we were getting sleepy and the weather wasn't clearing up, we hopped back onto the train to get into the car to go home! I took one last snap of London before we left.
I had such a relaxing break and some of the best memories! I'm sure it won't be too long before I'm back in London!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Saturday, 1 November 2014

My trip to London- part 1, my accommodation and Hampton Court

Hey guys, I've been in London for most of this week hence the lack of posts but I thought I'd show you what I got up to and some pics of London as if you're like me, you'll love a good nosy at what others did!
Day 1- Sunday
This was the day we arrived. We arrived at about six o'clock due to the terrible traffic but nevertheless we arrived unscathed if not a little tired ready for our tea! We stayed in the Carlton Mitre hotel opposite Hampton court and we were immediately greeted with a red carpet which my sister Heather and I walked up in our trakkie bottoms feeling slightly less than glam!

 We then went up into our various rooms. The rooms were fantastic! Me and Heather shared a bed and it was so big we didn't even hit each other in the night.
We even had our own little mini bar and sitting area with a fire.

We then went for our tea in the hotel, I had fish and chips and it was lovely! Here's a cheeky selfie of me I took before dinner!

 We played cards in the libary which I forgot to snap unfortunately, before bed time in my gorgeous suite!

Day 2:
On the Monday we decided to visit Haptom court which was directly opposite where we were staying. It was an absolutely lovely day, the sun was shining and it was crisp and automanal. We followed round an amusing tour/ play thing of an inventor, for one bit we had to tell a joke in order to get into the next room in William the thirds apartments, I told my very bad joke ( my friend Gav died of heart burn last week, i can't believe Gaviscon....) Heres a picture of Hampton court and a ceiling in the enterence to William the thirds apartments.

We then went round the beautiful gardens and maze.

After a pretty day we went back to the hotel and rested, ready to go out for tea at a lovely Italian restaurant where I had the tastiest pork ever!

Hope you enjoyed the first half of my trip to London, I'll upload the next two days tomorrow! See you then!
Eleanor x