Saturday, 25 October 2014

My pinterest board -Halloween

Hey Guys! this is a cheeky little extra post for this week since I got to London tomorrow and don't get back till half way through next week so I wouldn't be able to do another post until thursday which is quite a long time so I thought I'd throw in an extra post! I love pinterest, I get so much inspiration and really cool idea's from it and I want to show you more of my boards, since it's Halloween next week though I thought I'd show you my Halloween board which I've split up into sections for you!

Halloween beauty 

These lips look so cool, love this lip idea, could be used for a vampire costume!

Are these nails not just amazing! I wish i had the skill to do them, by far the best halloween nails I've seen!

I think this would be such a creative and cool makeup idea

Simple but effective cat makuep idea

Halloween food

Okay so this would be monsterously hard to create but it looks so amazing doesn't it!

White chocolate jack skeleton apples! These don't look to hard to do and look so cool.

These have got to be one of my faves, they look so yummy!
Look how cute these are! Marshmellow brownies, I'm in love, these are adorable

Halloween, cool ideas
I think these are just so cool, so effective. 

Glowstick tube eyes! I bet these would look really cool around your garden in the way into a party, super freaky!
I'm gonna be honest this is probably my favourite pumpkin I've seen, sorry it's not very scary! However i do think this would be really cool if you have young children who don't like the creepyness of halloween, so pretty and cute!

That's all on my board! Follow me on pinterest here and I will see you in a little less than a week! Happy Halloween!
Lots of love 
Eleanor x

Friday, 24 October 2014

Little Favourites- Shampoos

Hey guys! It's been a few month I think since I started my little favourites and I haven't done one since, so I thought I'd show you some more of my favourite things, this month, my favourite shampoos!
Firstly is Kerastase's Bain vital dermo-calm which I've been loving a lot, it smells so nice and it makes my hair really soft. This is really good for sensitive or itchy scalps!
John Freida's Sheer blonde go blonder is my all time absolute favourite shampoo, I use the matching conditioner too and I've used this for a few years now! J'adore.
Thirdly we have Big It Up by Mark hill which I'm not using at the moment but this is perfect if you're like me and your hair gets a little flat and you need more volume! It also smells divine!
Finally I have one that every one has in the bathroom somewhere, head and shoulders classic shampoo. I have a tiny bottle for holidays and travelling and I usually always have a bottle of this in stock even if I'm not using it. Nearly everyone's go to product!
What are some of your faves?
See you next week hopefully for a special London post! Until then,
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Do not let your problem become you

Hey guys! Today's little thought topic is on your problems and remembering something simple that has really helped me lately. I think we all have a tendency to over think and overreact to things, I do especially. But sometimes it just feels like everything is crumbling around us. for example in these last two days, I have lost: my keys at school and no ones handed them in, my sociology notes so I'm going to have to copy them all up from the beginning of the year and my stomach is really bad. But what I have been using and what I've found useful is this.

You are not your problem. You have your problem but it is not you and you will find a way to cope.

No matter how bad things seem, remember that your problem is something you have but it does not define you. I like that quote thats all over twitter and tumblr that you will have probably seen, "You have fat, you are not fat. You have fingernails, you are not fingernails."  I think this is really good to remember, that you can't let your problem become you, you can't let it take over you to the point where all you are is your problem and that's all your thinking about.

Remember you have to take time out of your problem too, be able to put your baggage down, If were scared about something we often imagine the situation a lot worse than it is so remember that if a situation did come about that you were upset about, you will find a way to cope. I can photocopy notes and cut a new key. No big deal and yet for me earlier that felt like it was the be all and end all.

So just remember don't let your problem define you whether it's acne or an illness it is not you, it's extra stuff that you will find a way to cope with and a way to overcome.

Your problem is not you.

Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Friday, 17 October 2014

Foodie Fridays- Chocolate Bananas

Hey guys! Today I want to show you how to make something quick and easy which is really useful if you're on a students budget or want something easy to make for puddings or just as a snack!
You'll need:
-the number of banana's you want
- A bag of chocolate buttons
-Tin foil

First of all, split the banana's down the middle, be careful not to split it right through to the other side.
Next put the chocolate buttons into the split
Now wrap them up in tin foil and put them in the oven for 25 mins at a preheated oven at 200c/180c of gas mark 6
Curtosy of my sister Heather for that lovely pose;)
The banana's should be black and look a little something like this:

And that is it! Super quick and easy and really really tasty! Hope you enjoyed this
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

It doesn't matter how much or how little makeup you wear

Hey sweeties, this little thought is on a topic that I have seen in everyday life for a long time. The first time I think I ever had seen the make-up/ no make-up debate was when I was in year seven and make-up started to be more common for girls to wear. Unfortunately, both boys and girls shame other girls or boys for how little/ much makeup they wear. If people are wearing "too much" makeup somehow it makes them "less real" than other girls. Like wise if girls are wearing no makeup sometimes people say they're "Uglier."

I'll never forget in year nine when my friend put a status saying "How are girls less real for wearing makeup? They're still girls." and got quite a lot of hate from people saying that it makes them look "slaggy." Is it any of your business how much make-up a boy or a girl wears? It doesn't make you special that you don't wear make-up it's just a choice.

Granted there is  limit and if someone is going out with make-up that isn't right for them or foundation that's clearly wrong, then that's up to family of friends to tell them, not for you to judge them in the street or label them as "sluts" or to tell them they're not real.

If people don't want to wear make-up then they don't have to. I remember I never particularly wore make-up everyday until into year nine or ten and that's okay too, it's your choice, don't listen to people who tell you you have to wear make-up or have to look a certain way.

Lots of people think its strange if boys wear makeup but I don't think so, people should just be left alone to do what they want. Many boys will wear concealer to cover up spots and whatnot and some will even wear mascara or eyeliner. At the end of the day it's not up to you what someone else does with their face and besides, guyliner looks great.

Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Debate- Is social networking good for society?

Hey guys! This months debate topic is on social networking, and whether it has benefits for our society. You may have immediate thoughts and reactions to this I certainly have a couple. Nearly everyone I know uses social networking sites, whether it,s Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, even Blogspot and wordpress are social networking sites, allowing me to communicate my thoughts and views across.

My immediate reaction is quite mixed, although I can see the downsides to it, I myself love social networking, having grown up with it all around, barely remembering a time when I didn't exist. I love it for the news, the idea that news can spread so fast over social networks. This has downsides of course, meaning that people who don't want things spread everywhere often do, as we've seen lately with all the celebrities nudes being leaked, a complete gross invasion of privacy. Nevertheless it can be good also, news I wouldn't have heard about is spread over twitter and I can access people's thoughts and opinions on things I feel strongly about. Important news such as the Ferguson Riots which I probably wouldn't have heard about if it hadn't been for Twitter and Tumblr.  Unfortunately however, social media often spreads false and unreliable news. Things often blow up on twitter that have never happened, but rather rumours have spread, for example the false news about shootings in mexico, causing mass panic and temporarily closed schools.

However this spread of news can be useful for example in some cases criminals have been found through the use of social media. People often brag of their crimes online and so enables the police to find them. Do you think this is wrong? Is this an invasion of privacy? Company's can scan you liked pages and search history to then promote things to you. Everything you put on the internet stays, even if you take it down its still their, everything is connected and the government can see. I think it's all a little too much like George Orwell's big brother.

Social media has also been found to both inhibit and progress young peoples learning and i personally don't know what I'd do without social networking, Pinterest and the likes helping me with work, but are people spending too much time on social networking sites and not working which i exactly what I'm doing now? ( personal statement is way too boring.) But is this becoming a problem?

Overall, I love social networking although I can see the creepy side of it. Children born now will often have their whole life documented on facebooks and there seems to be a lack of privacy and a danger to it. Nevertheless, the sad thing is I couldn't live without it and I love my little blog too much to give it up!
What do you think?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives| for you who are feeling down

Hey guys! Today's little thought is on experiences and how our experiences change us for the better. So little story time with Eleanor as this few weeks I have been making a few changes to my own mindset and happiness levels because I've been in a bit of slump and I wanted to really cheer myself up because I was worried it was starting to reflect in how I was acting around people. So I've kinda been thinking about this a lot and thinking about how we come back from bad things in our lives.

 Try and think about when something has gone bad in your life and how it made you come back stronger and fighting again. I think bad experiences either effect us like this or the opposite happens and we just cry in a corner for a while until the pain numbs but either way, we have still got an experience from this and we've changed. Sometimes these changes are for the better and they do make us stronger and it's these changes I want to focus on now because being positive and thinking about what we've done well is a really good base then to work on our other situations were the outcome may not have been so positive.

I time lately where I have come back positively is that you may not know but I have a lot of problems with my stomach that I don't really feel comfortable talking about yet but it's something that I'll do a blog post on sometime near Christmas maybe. Anyway lately it's been getting me very down and very anxious so I've developed from this image as now I'm trying super hard to work on this and refuse to let it get me down.  Another is that I didn't get the grades I wanted this year, so I'm going to try really hard this year to get into the University I want to next year, so I've changed something that was very negative, to something positive to work on.

Negative situations all effect us but it's about looking back and seeing how they've changed us for the better. So if you're going through a tough time now, remember that you are strong and that this situation is going to make you stronger as a person. Each little negative makes you a little bit stronger, a little bit wiser and a little bit better.

What situations have you come out better from? Comment and tell me focus on positives!

Love you lots
Eleanor x

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Review

Hey lovlies! Today I'm doing a review on Benefit's popular foundation Hello Flawless. I have been using this foundation for about a year now and within that time I have only used two bottles, although you can see I am running out a little now one of my favourite things about this foundation is that it lasts for such a long time.

So I have this foundation in the second lightest shade I think, it might be the lightest but it's in shade Believe in my Ivory anyway which is really perfect for my skin tone, I often get asked if I'm even wearing foundation it blends in so well. Because I have quite dry skin due to me using clinique on my skin I find that a lot of foundations go patchy on my skin and don't rub in well at all but I found this one does beautifully. It never goes patchy or makes my skin look dry and I l just love how well it sinks into my skin.

I would say it has a light-medium cover up, you definitely have to use concealer if you have a lot of blemishes like me but if you don't have a lot you probably wouldn't have to use extra on spots or anything. Talking of blemishes. this foundation is oil free so it doesn't add or cause breakouts which is perfect for me.  However if you have quite oily skin due to not using other drying products I think that this could look quite oily and slide on your face so I would recommend using this with powder and primer. I would recommend Benefit's Porefessionalwhich is my favourite primer and eradicates bit pore's which this foundation alone doesn't do.

The foundation does illuminate your skin and makes it look a lot brighter which is what it says on the packet really and it does just that. My only downside with this product is that its quite orangy, it's a very orangy foundation as opposed to one like Nars sheer glow so you can't use too much of it or you may look like an orang-outang. Also it's a very pricey foundation at around £25 which is quite steep however it does last you for a very long time and overall I am very happy with this and would recommend!

Lot of Love
Eleanor x

Friday, 3 October 2014

Follow me on social media sites!

Hey guys, I just realised that I've never done a social media master post before with all my social media accounts on which is really weird. I have my email down the side as you know but I've never put up where to find me on other social networking sites. Plus I have an English essay I should be doing so I thought I'd do some useful procrastinating and post a list of all of them. I will be updating the contact me bar at the side with some more of these on. Feel free to follow me on all and I will follow you back!
Twitter- ellie_smithxo




Instagram- Eleanorsmith_ox

The Blogger program-

Snapchat- Eleanorsmith_xo  (It's not the same as my instagram, the "xo" is a different way round on my instagram account, it wasn't a typo incase you were wondering)

Google plus -

I think that's all I can think of! I will be back later tonight hopefully to do a little ootd so I'll see you then!
Lots of love
Eleanor x