Tuesday, 9 September 2014

All about that base- why it's not offensive to "skinny" people

"This is offensive to skinny people."
"This is promoting bad health."
"This song is not promoting to love your body, it's hypocritical because it's rude to skinny people."
Are just some of the comments I have seen on the youtube video of the song "All about that base" by Meghan Trainor. If you haven't heard the song I suggest you do here so you know what this post is about. This blog wasn't planned but over the last few days my anger at some of these comments have really started to get to me as people are taking this song in completely the wrong way.  Firstly this song is about loving your body no matter what size, this is the main message of the song. The people comenting "This is offensive to skinny people"  are not getting it. For one thing people shouldn't use the word skinny because it's rude, if they cared that much about it they wouldn't be doing that. Secondly, yes this song is about bigger woman being proud of themselves. No this is not offensive. The media tells woman every single day that you need to be skinny to be pretty and just because one song has been released that actually tell's woman they can be bigger everyone gets into an uproar about it? I am completely against body shaming as you know and pretty much every song or every song video are about slim girls. So many films just show slim woman and there is very little positivity for bigger woman. Does anyone particularly complain and say that it's offensive? No, because they'd be hit with a tide of comments saying that of course it's not offensive and how "skinny" is better. And yet when one song is realised about bigger girls, suddenly this is offensive to them. People are particularly annoyed by the line " go tell them skinny bitches that" but fail to remember the next line is "Nah i'm kidding I know ya'll think you're fat but I'm here to tell you that every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top." The song is promoting all body sizes.
Plus there is nothing wrong with celebrating your size. People are saying that if it was the other way round and that the lyrics were "Anti bigger" people then it would be taken off the internet so why is this allowed? But you're forgetting that although songs may not specifically say anything against bigger people, that most song's actually insinuate it.
In conclusion everyone should see this song as a happy and fun song about everyone's body shapes, it may be primarily about bigger woman ,but it is by no means shaming against thinner woman.  
Eleanor x

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