Saturday, 30 August 2014

Foodie Friday- Golden syrup buns

Hey guys! I haven't done a foodie Friday for a while now, I've had like zero time to make stuff but a few weeks ago me and my friend Lucy did mange to do a little bit of baking and we managed to create some lovely accidental buns. Before I tell you what to do, I better tell you how we managed to come up with this recipe since we started off trying to make completely different biscuits. We followed a recipe in a book that asked for all these ingerdients we didn't have. I think the original recipe was called treacle butter biscuits but we didn't have any treacle so we used golden syrup, forgetting it doesn't have the same consistency. Anyway after putting some on a tray, we ended up with this burnt mess:
  Anyway having been left with a full bowl of mixture and a lot of tears, we quickly poured in some self raising flour and put them in bun cases leaving us with accidental but extremely tasty buns.

You will need:
225g/8 oz of golden syrup
375g/ 12 oz of butter or margarine
225g/ 8 oz of soft brown sugar
as much self raising as you feel fit (idk how much we put in sorry)
and an egg.

Mix the syrup, butter and sugar together.
Add in the egg and stir in flour.
Put in bun cases and put in the preheated oven at 150 degrees/ 300 F/ gas mark 2 until done.

Okay that's it! I should apologise for the vague instructions but then they were accidental. We made like five I think but we wasted a lot before so I'm not sure how many it makes but a fair amount I should think depending on how big your bun cases are. Also there is a lot of butter which I think makes the taste! We also decorated our buns with our homemade buttercream (more butter I know, believe me if you are dieting these are not the buns for you) which went really nicely and for that you simply mix butter and icing sugar (and a tbsp spoon milk if you want but we didn't put any in and also a little bit of vanilla extract if you want too.) I realise this is a Saturday when I'm uploading it but I wrote it on friday so I should be forgiven;) I hope you give these buns a go and tell me how they turn out!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

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