Saturday, 30 August 2014

Foodie Friday- Golden syrup buns

Hey guys! I haven't done a foodie Friday for a while now, I've had like zero time to make stuff but a few weeks ago me and my friend Lucy did mange to do a little bit of baking and we managed to create some lovely accidental buns. Before I tell you what to do, I better tell you how we managed to come up with this recipe since we started off trying to make completely different biscuits. We followed a recipe in a book that asked for all these ingerdients we didn't have. I think the original recipe was called treacle butter biscuits but we didn't have any treacle so we used golden syrup, forgetting it doesn't have the same consistency. Anyway after putting some on a tray, we ended up with this burnt mess:
  Anyway having been left with a full bowl of mixture and a lot of tears, we quickly poured in some self raising flour and put them in bun cases leaving us with accidental but extremely tasty buns.

You will need:
225g/8 oz of golden syrup
375g/ 12 oz of butter or margarine
225g/ 8 oz of soft brown sugar
as much self raising as you feel fit (idk how much we put in sorry)
and an egg.

Mix the syrup, butter and sugar together.
Add in the egg and stir in flour.
Put in bun cases and put in the preheated oven at 150 degrees/ 300 F/ gas mark 2 until done.

Okay that's it! I should apologise for the vague instructions but then they were accidental. We made like five I think but we wasted a lot before so I'm not sure how many it makes but a fair amount I should think depending on how big your bun cases are. Also there is a lot of butter which I think makes the taste! We also decorated our buns with our homemade buttercream (more butter I know, believe me if you are dieting these are not the buns for you) which went really nicely and for that you simply mix butter and icing sugar (and a tbsp spoon milk if you want but we didn't put any in and also a little bit of vanilla extract if you want too.) I realise this is a Saturday when I'm uploading it but I wrote it on friday so I should be forgiven;) I hope you give these buns a go and tell me how they turn out!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Hey guys! I realise this is Wednesday but since I was super busy yesterday I had no time to post tunesday! Anyway let's have a look down the top ten in the chart today.

1) Lovers on the sun- David Guetta 
Loving this song, it has such a cool western feel that I totally adore, another great track from Mr Guetta
2) Am i wrong- Nice&Vinz 
This song actually came out over a year ago and it's good to see it back!
3) Rude- Magic 
My sister has been singing this ever since she first heard it back in July and honestly I'm not even sick of it yet. For me this has been the summer anthem this year!
4) Shake it off- Taylor Swift
I have mixed feelings about this song. On one hand it's such a feel good song and Taylor looks hot here but at the same time it kinda makes me cringe a little and it just doesn't sound like taylor? I get that she's doing different styles but it's not that it's that her voice sounds completely different like it's not even her.
5)My head is a jungle- Wankelmut and Emma Louise 
This isn't really my type of music but it's catchy and the video reminds me of Keiesza hideaway!
6)Love runs out- One republic
I am a massive one republic fan I think their songs have such good heavy piano beats going on in the background that make you feel on top of the world and complete with a kooky video this song is one of my favourites.
7) Budepest- George Ezra
Still adoring this song. George has an amazing voice and of what I've seen of him he seems like a really nice guy too. This song is amazing.
8) Don't- Ed Sheeran
I love the album Multiply and I'm pretty sure everyone else does too. Although I don't think don't (see what i did there) is my favourite song on the album (that's got to go to "I'm a mess") I still really love the typical Ed Sheeran beat and I'm still in love with the song.
9) Tonight- Union J 
These boys never fail to make an upbeat and happy song I wan't to jump around too.
10) Ghost- Ella Henderson
So glad this is still in, even if it's just made it. Ella's voice never fails to amazing.

I have two playlists today since I missed last months! So first my July Playlist:
1)If i go- Ella Eyre (One to watch)
2)Clint eastwood- Gorillaz
3) Please don't say you love me- Gabrielle Aplin
4) Emily- Mika
5) Girls- Marina and the Diamonds
6) Doom and Gloom- Rolling Stones.
You can get this playlist here

August playlist:
1) Heart by heart- Demi Lovato
2) Warrior- Beth Crowley
3)Run boy run- Woodkid
4) Human- Gabrielle Aplin
5)Angel with a shotgun- The cab
6)any other way- We the kings
You can get this playlist here

My star of the month is Ella Eyre.
This 20 year old british singer made her name by being part of Rudimentals waiting all night. Now she's realised many songs of her own and is going to make many more. You need to add this girl to your playlist as something tells me we're going to see a lot more of her.

Okay Guys that's it! I'll see you all soon.
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 17 August 2014

More to life than beauty| you are not beautiful

Hey Lovlies, I realise it has been a few weeks since I did a post I think maybe three or four and I'm sorry about that I've just been so busy with holidays and catching up on well deserved rest! But I'm back now and I have some super exciting posts coming up which I'm sure you'll love, and because I missed Tunesday last month, You'll be getting a double playlist in a few weeks which you can check out here along with my other playlists. and of course I'll be uploading them both onto here which means you can see the completed ones at a later date.

This post had been inspired by and is based on a video I saw a few weeks back by youtuber Candy Something and I would recommend watching the video here . In the video Candice names all of the things that her friend is such as caring and funny and smart. But one word she doesn't use to describe her friend is "Beautiful" and she explains how her hypothetical friend would probably be offended that she wasn't called pretty. The message I got from the video, was that it really struck me about how much we value being called beautiful and pretty. Back when everyone used to do those "Yto" trends on facebook it was almost considered an insult if the person didn't say you were beautiful on your wall. Everyone seems to value beauty over everything. People would rather be called beautiful than kind and prefer hot over smart. It's like you can have all these great traits but as soon as you're not "beautiful" none of these traits matter. I think there's something very wrong with that. Everyone is obsessed with this idea that you have to be beautiful to be something, as if none of the other amazing personality traits you posses are important, it's all about beauty, beauty beauty.

The thing is, there is more to life than being beautiful, there is more to people. People are a mix of a thousand different qualities and yet the only quality that seems to matter is being pretty. Being beautiful is no more important than being adventurous or being a shoulder to cry on or being optimistic. It's just a simple characteristic like the rest and yet we all value it above others. Why? Why do we thing that it is more important? Media? Peers? At the end of the day beauty is a socially construed concept, it changes from different society and different time periods. Technically beauty does not exist so why do we think so highly of it?

Here's a little pause for thought, stop thinking so highly of the characteristic and conceptional adjective "Beautiful" because at the end of the day there is so many more characteristics that are of the exact same importance.
Eleanor x