Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Life's not about finding yourself, it's about creating

Hey guys! Today I wanted to make a point about something. You constantly hear people saying they want to "Find themselves" by taking a trip to the Tibet mountains or whatever, but that not what I think lifes about. I don't think that you'll ever just wake up and suddenly everything will be clear. For some people maybe that works but I think for most people discovering and creating who you are is a long and ultimately rewarding process. Everyday you learn more about yourself, what you like and dislike, how you think, what you want to do. I also think that this is so important to remember that you have the ability to  do whatever you want to do and create yourself. Things that influence you may be family friends and teachers but ultimately it's you who has the capacity to do this. None of this "finding yourself", you don't have to travel around the world in order to make yourself, what you do everyday is a pathing your self creation journey and for this you do not need to travel to Tibet. Growing up can be a harrowing experience but within those acne filled teenage years which I am still apart of, I think you really create yourself. I know that I've changed from the beginning of my teenage years to the now as I come up to the end of them. Looking back I've seen so many changes within myself, confidence and thicker skin than what I used to have, as if teenage life was a big machine we are put into and the output is all of the experiences combined into one person. But it doesn't stop there, everyday you create yourself up to the day you die. A person is not one thing, they are a multitude of experiences and different characteristics creating someone who is completely unique and complex. In this way, you cannot possible suddenly find yourself, but are constantly creating yourself with your own will and how you deal with things, making you who you are today.
Eleanor x

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