Saturday, 26 July 2014

Little favourites- Nail polishes

Hey guys! Today I want to start a new series called "little favourites" where basically I talk about my favourite products. At the moment I'm planning on keeping it relatively beauty based, but I may do books or music or whatnot as the series develops. I'll probably do it once a month along with another new series which I will be starting next month which is a little bit different but I'll tell you more about that then. Because I have more time on my hands I will be visiting old sereis I haven't done for a while like foodie Fridays. I will of course be keeping up with my usual feel good and thought provoking posts that my blog is really all about and of course usual series such as Tunesday Tuesday and reviews. Anyway just a quick catch up as to what I will be doing and what I'm working on for little thoughts!

So, my favourite nail polishes:
The first one is by Nails inc, and it is my favourite red nail polish ever. It's one of the most chip resistant polishes I have and it gives such a lovely perfect red colour that isn't too dark or too pink. I would definitly reconmend if you're looking for a red colour.
The second is no7 stay perfect range in the colour "Milan." It's such a lovely and slightly unusual colour of a pinky purpuly gold shimmer and it's one of my all time favourite colours especially for the summer.
Next we have an MUA one in the colour "Moody Mink" This again is a really nice and a little bit unusal colour as it isn't a dark purple or even a lilac but it makes my nails look long and I can't stop staring at them when i'm wearing it!
Fourth is an orangy red colour. I think it's from Marks and Spencers I got it in a little pack with other ones once for Christmas, I'm not even sure they still do them but you can get similar orange creams or dark orange colours. This is one of my all time favourites, I even got compliments from people I wouldn't expect to about my nails while wearing this colour, it's just such a lovely summery colour.
Next is a Barry M one in the aquarium collection, number 405 and it's called "Mediterranean." I actually only bought this not so long ago and I instantly loved it. It works so well with a white top and a little bit of gold jewellery due to the gold bits in the polish.
Finally is a 17 nail polish in the colour "Fairy cake." I've had this polish a long while and I wasn't impressed by it due to the fact that if you don't get the coverage right it goes a little streaky, but if you apply evenly the colour is absolutely gorgeous.

I will see you Monday for an Early Tunesday! Give this a like if you're enjoying this series and I'll see you soon.
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

You don't have to have a certain style- Identity part 2

Hey guys, so this kind of links in with my last post I did as it is still about identity. I think often in media such as films books and cartoons we are often told that we have to have a certain something that sets us out from everyone else. We have to have a certain characteristic that no one else has and if someone else has that then we are not unique, or we have to fit into a group in society. For girls, for example we have to either be "girly" or a "tomboy" and often if someone you know is one of these things then we can't be that as that is that persons "thing." But the fact is there is nothing wrong with being both of these things, you can love climbing trees and having manicures and that's okay, you don't have to be purely one thing or another; you can be heavily into punk rock and gigs and dress in black all the time and yet love doing ballet dancing too. You do not have to identify with only one of these things, people are made up of lots of different combinations of the same characteristics and that's what makes us unique. You do not have to fit into one sterotype or another you can just be you and do what you want to do and that's okay. If you are completely one thing or another then that's okay too just be whoever you want to be, but don't feel bad about fitting into multiple categories, I know that sometimes I wake up and put loads of effort and time into how I look but other times I stay in my pjamas all day and it's okay to do both.

 What's not okay is being rude or making fun of people who are into different things to you. Just because someone would rather practice their makeup than go on a walk doesn't mean they're superficial, just as someone who reads instead of going clubbing at night doesn't make them prude, it just means they have different things they want to do with their lives. There are many different people in the world, some with similar characteristics to you and some with different. Some people maybe into several different and contrasting things and some may purely be into one thing or another and both is okay.

Eleanor x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Life's not about finding yourself, it's about creating

Hey guys! Today I wanted to make a point about something. You constantly hear people saying they want to "Find themselves" by taking a trip to the Tibet mountains or whatever, but that not what I think lifes about. I don't think that you'll ever just wake up and suddenly everything will be clear. For some people maybe that works but I think for most people discovering and creating who you are is a long and ultimately rewarding process. Everyday you learn more about yourself, what you like and dislike, how you think, what you want to do. I also think that this is so important to remember that you have the ability to  do whatever you want to do and create yourself. Things that influence you may be family friends and teachers but ultimately it's you who has the capacity to do this. None of this "finding yourself", you don't have to travel around the world in order to make yourself, what you do everyday is a pathing your self creation journey and for this you do not need to travel to Tibet. Growing up can be a harrowing experience but within those acne filled teenage years which I am still apart of, I think you really create yourself. I know that I've changed from the beginning of my teenage years to the now as I come up to the end of them. Looking back I've seen so many changes within myself, confidence and thicker skin than what I used to have, as if teenage life was a big machine we are put into and the output is all of the experiences combined into one person. But it doesn't stop there, everyday you create yourself up to the day you die. A person is not one thing, they are a multitude of experiences and different characteristics creating someone who is completely unique and complex. In this way, you cannot possible suddenly find yourself, but are constantly creating yourself with your own will and how you deal with things, making you who you are today.
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Favourites/ haul

Hey guys! I haven't actually done one of these before but I thought I'v give it a go so give this a like or tell me if you'd like me to do more of these!

Thing's I got this month:

The first thing is Life Of Pi by Yann Martel. I had to read this for English Lit and I didn't realise it was a book as well as a film (which I'd never seen but heard it was good) This was an interesting book but I'm not sure I'd recommend to to everyone. I'll probably do a review on it this month.

The second are the two pencils next to Life of Pi. One is  3H and the other is a 2B. For sketching I needed both a pencil that was light and one that was a lot thicker and heavier and these pencils are 70p from WH smiths which is so cheap and they're good pencils for sketching.

Next, also sketching related is the book they're all resting on. I needed a new sketch book and I picked this up from Paper chase for about ten pounds.

As you can see from the picture it has a gap in between the ring binder thingys which was a bit of a novelty but it's so much more confortable to hold, I'm not sure if that was the purpose or not but it's definitely useful!

The next thing I got was a moisturising lip balm by Beauty UK in the "Posh" range. It's called Posh Pout and I got here in the colour Sugar Plumb Fairy. Since then I have bought two other colours, Corally Incorrect and Power to the Purple.
The Sugar Plumb Fairy one is my favourite as you can see, it's lower now! I actually did a review on this over on Emma's blog which will be put up later this month so I'll link that when it's up! Would definitly recommend if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the chubby stick, at £2.99 each these are a bargin, definitely my favourite product of the month.

Next was another baby lips, another moisturising lip balm.

I got the Peach one which I love and it a great addition to my now fabulous trio.

I got two nail polishes next. The first was a Matte one from Topshop
This is in the colour "Whisper". I love Matte nail polish and for me Topshop do the best so I love this product.

The next was one I was really excited to try which was on from the fairly new Barry M serious "silk"
I got it in the colour "meadow" I really liked this colour and I'm super excited to try more in this range!

No Haul for me would be complete without a Company Magazine. This months came with two other magazines, a company highs street edit which is basically summer fashion heaven and also an office one. Always a favourite.
Hope you enjoyed this post! I'm trying to get back into the two post a week regime I was in instead of one which it has been for a while so hopefully I'll see you this week!
Lots of love
Eleanor x